ERP Tracker for Android

Maksym Bezorudko


Customer is the largest corporation in Ukrainian food industry with 3,000 employees which produce daily 180t of products.

Corporation was looking for solution that would provide more efficient way of tracking communications with suppliers and clients. Enhance sales forces by helping sales representatives not to miss any calls and records when they are talking to the clients on the go or don’t have an immediate access to the laptop.

Technologies: Android, Java, Eclipse, XML, HTTPS.

Team: ERP Tracker was developed by Android team of 3 developers and 2 QAs. Currently this team is implementing 2 more Android applications: Access Manager Mobile App and Crystal Reports Mobile App for Warehouses and Transportation Department. Applications supposed to work with web ERP system installed on client’s side.

Project Description

ERP Tracker for Android was developed to work with web ERP system that is used by client. It allows you to add calls to web ERP system directly from your Android mobile phone – no internet connection required. Calls added offline will automatically sync the next time you connect. ERP Tracker for Android means never missing an opportunity again.


Application main features:

  • Track incoming and outgoing calls as Phone calls activity
  • Ability to attach calls to the following records in ERP Candy system: Account, Contact, Lead and User
  • Create rules to automatically enable/disable call tracking for Contacts
  • Busy? Add calls later from your Call Log
  • Track calls offline - pending activities will automatically sync when internet connection is restored

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