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When we do promotion on social media, we work only in the social networks that can actually make a change for your business - Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. To promote businesses on Facebook, we have our specialists do the magic by running campaigns, promotions, and do social media advertising. Within just a month, you’ll see an increase in the incoming social media traffic on your website - not visitors but targeted customers who are willing to buy from you. Here are a few examples of our successful work with other companies - view now.

Promoting Your Account on Facebook in Canada

It’s what we do best. Nothing can be more effective than a good one Facebook campaign because the paying audience is out there - you just need to find your way to them, and this is where we step in.

Typically, people come to us when they want to get a nice result without wasting their time trying to figure out how stuff works on Facebook. All we need is your entry data, and the rest is magic. Leave the burdens of community building, community managing, running campaigns and promotions on your Facebook page to us. With a little help from Zwebra, you will be able to:

  • Build up a solid content strategy and social media advertising plan
  • Attract new paying customers
  • Get more incoming traffic from social networks to your website
  • Increase your brand reputation and recognition
  • Get more orders and/or sales from your existing clients
  • Stay in touch with your customers and increase their loyalty
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Setting Up Targeted Ads on Facebook in Canada

Paid advertising on Facebook feed is an effective tool for increasing your reach, brand recognition, your follower base, and conversions. It will also present your brand in a more positive way and make it instantly recognisable. By running a Facebook advertising campaign with us, you will:

  • Define your target audience and their needs
  • Set up the ads properly, i.e. budget, demographics, location, interests, and more
  • Increase brand recognition for your company way beyond Facebook
  • Have all the meaningful data at hand to make optimizations and improvements
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Setting Up a Retargeting Campaign on Facebook

You can use retargeting (the ads that follow you even after you’ve left the target website) on Facebook as a tool for branding, winning your customers back, increasing customer loyalty, and as a supplemental activity to boost your current advertising campaign.

Zwebra specialists will help you create eye-catching banners and set up their display in a way that will appeal to the audience that have already been your visitors and/or customers once:

  • Users who have visited your website or one of its pages
  • Users who have left their contact details on your website
Remarketing on Facebook is a very powerful tool. You can easily reach out to these people and offer them something special like personal discounts or information about ongoing promotions, and, therefore, increase your sales and conversion. Plus, retargeting is easily combined with other marketing activities of your campaign, thus, enhancing their effectiveness.

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Why us?

We care about the clients more than anyone else. That’s why we never assign more than 5 projects to one specialist at the time. Quality and the final result are above everything else. Thanks to our enormous experience, we can offer you a wide variety of tools and approaches to make your brand more recognisable and successful.

However, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to learn something new - our team often participates in conferences and workshops from industry gurus to be even more knowledgeable about the ways of marketing.

1 million followers that we’ve been able to win for our customers during the past year can’t be wrong!

Marta Denisenko, SMM specialist

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