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Among all marketing agencies in Fredericton, Zwebra stands out because of its sheer professionalism, outstanding record, and exceptional work ethics.

If there’s a custom marketing solution for your online business, we’ll produce it and make it work so that you could concentrate on more pleasant things – such as watching the revenues grow and customers flow.

From creating a buyer persona to running complex SEO, we do it all. And social networks. And mobile-friendly design. And turning rock into gold – well, not yet but at least we tried! :)

You will get:

  • stable growth and strong competitive advantage
  • plan of action that aligns perfectly with your goals
  • tight control over your budget with every cent accountable for
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#1 Market niche and competitor analysis

We collect all the data that will be necessary for the future work - metrics, stats, conversions, etc. Before we figure out a way for you to get to the top, we need to realize where you are now and what it will take us to get you where you want to be.

Duration: 10+ workdays

Price: starting from from $2400

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#2 Creating a «Buyer Persona»

Based on the data we collected earlier, at the previous stage, we create a buyer persona to reflect your ideal customer’s needs, interests, possible objections, and other criteria. This will help us realize what your target audience is and give us ideas where to look for it.

Duration: 3+ workdays

Price: starting from $720

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#3 Developing a marketing strategy for the brand

Once we understand our current position on the market and the target audience, it’s time to figure out a way how to break through - this is called a marketing strategy. During this stage, we create a USP (unique selling point or proposition) and come up with the set of checkpoints, which we will use later to evaluate the overall success of the marketing campaign.

Duration: 15+ workdays

Price: starting from $3600

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#4 Creating a marketing plan for the content

Everyone knows that «Content is King». All we have to do is marry it with the Queen (that is, your target audience). At this stage, we have the full understanding of what kind of content your business needs to get attention from people. We pick the best topics and make a content plan that includes the daily content volume, time of posting, and different ways to increase the shares and make the content go viral.

Duration: 10+ workdays

Price: starting from $2400

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#5 Conversion rate optimization

There can never be a 100% conversion so there’s always room for improvement. Increasing the conversion rate is a very important task for any online business. If done right, it helps generate more leads and eventually drive your business to more sales.

Duration: 15+ workdays

Price: starting from $3600

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Why Zwebra?

  • for every typical case, we have a non-typical solution
  • for every non-typical case, we have two
  • hundreds of successfully completed marketing projects
  • stuff gets done exactly where, when and how it needs to be done
  • competitive pricing and packages
  • all work is done in-house, NO OUTSOURCING
  • responsibility: each case is handled by a personal manager
  • we use latest and most advanced technology that’s out there
  • we never forget to put a little bit of soul into every project

Online Marketing Company in Fredericton, NB

p>Fredericton is one of the fastest growing communities in New Brunswick and the third-largest city in the province, behind Moncton and Saint John.

Online marketing firms in Fredericton are doing pretty well – thanks to the town’s rapidly growing IT and commercial sector, not to mention the fact that it has one of the highest per capita incomes in New Brunswick.

If you run an online business in the area and need some help building your brand and establishing your online presence, make sure you consider Zwebra when choosing among the marketing companies in Fredericton.

With Zwebra, you can realize the full potential of your business and put your brand on the map right there along with the market leaders.
Our specialists have helped over 300 companies all around the world to reach out to their audience and market their products/services in an effective way that not only sells but also builds trust and loyalty among clients.

Feel free to contact us to get a quote for your case.

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