Market niche and competitor analysis

Market niche audit and segmentation of the companies that are in it into two groups - competitors and market niche leaders.

This will give us clear understanding of where you are now and who your competitors are, which, in turn, will help us develop an effective marketing plan to shift the market segment in order to get closer to the leaders.

Traffic and traffic sources audit

Allows us to find the optimal promotion channel that would require less investment and produce better results.

Analysis of the competitors’ semantic core (keywords)

Based on the data we will receive, we will be able to expand and improve your website semantic core and come up with ideas for the future promotion.

Referral links audit

This will help us understand the link profile of your competitors and figure out the best ways and places to expand your own link profile.

Paid advertising analysis (PPC, PPA)

his data is invaluable! We’ll know what your ROI is for the contextual/media advertising campaigns you’ve done in the past and give us ideas on how to improve their performance.

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you will get:

A clear understanding of your current position in the market niche

Tons of fresh ideas for promotion!

Your marketing costs optimized to the maximum

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