Marketing & Branding Strategy

Marketing strategy is nothing less than a plan of action. Once you have it, you’re in control of the future of your business.

In addition to the classic components of the marketing plan, we also seek for some alternative opportunities to grow your business like brand ambassadors (fans of your brand who would promote it with minimum or no reward).

Unique selling proposition

We will create your unique selling proposition (USP) and formulate a single strategy for all your promotion channels.

Every client & case is special

No two businesses are alike so we treat every our client special. It doesn’t mean we neglect the basic marketing routines - let’s just say that there’s always room for creativity. We bring out the best in your business and make sure every potential customer is aware of your strongest features.

Your business data is absolutely secure

We do realize that people entrust us with one of the most precious things they have – their own business. This level of trust comes with a great responsibility, which we duly accept. With Zwebra, you can be sure not a single bit of your business data gets out.

A focused marketing approach

There’s a huge difference between “somehow selling something to someone” and a focused, determined, and smart approach to marketing. We always go for the latter.

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A clear marketing and branding strategy with stages and checkpoints

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