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Zwebra is not your average marketing agency in Moncton. Not to say we’re better than the others but… we are! Here’s why.

Having started this very company back in 2009, we know what it’s like to market a business in the face of uncertainty and stiff competition. Not only we survived but also turned into a successful international web marketing agency.

By no means a huge corporate entity, we work as a team and celebrate our victories like a family – together. And we only win in one case – when you, our clients, win.

You will get:

  • stable growth and strong competitive advantage
  • plan of action that aligns perfectly with your goals
  • tight control over your budget with every cent accountable for
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#1 Market niche and competitor analysis

For us, any work starts with a proper preparation – that is, analysis. If we don’t know where you are now, how can we know where to go and when you’ll be there? However, it’s not all about you. We’re also interested in your competitors and the market niche overall.

Duration: 10+ workdays

Price: starting from from $2400

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#2 Creating a «Buyer Persona»

Who your customers are, what they are interested in and what they’re after - this is the information we get when creating a buyer persona for your business. Obviously, you can’t appeal to everyone with the same level of success - therefore, you need to go after a certain audience. Hence, the buyer persona.

Duration: 3+ workdays

Price: starting from $720

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#3 Developing a marketing strategy for the brand

Having a strategy on hands is like having a map when you’re lost in a forest - no matter how far you’ve gone, you will always find a way out. From a marketing standpoint, strategy suggests creating a USP (unique selling proposition) and defining the checkpoints, which we will have to reach to complete the marketing campaign successfully.

Duration: 15+ workdays

Price: starting from $3600

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#4 Creating a marketing plan for the content

Content is everything that’s on your website - texts, images, videos, animation and more. Content is just as important as anything else - its overall tone and quality have to match the parameters set earlier in the marketing strategy. But it’s even more than that - we have to consider the time of posting and the daily content volume.

Duration: 10+ workdays

Price: starting from $2400

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#5 Conversion rate optimization

Conversion is the ultimate metric of your online web marketing success - the more the better. Whether it’s a landing page or an e-shop checkout page, there are certain tricks that, if applied the right way, can boost your conversion. We know these tricks and can show them to you.

Duration: 15+ workdays

Price: starting from $3600

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Why Zwebra?

  • experience: we’ve worked with over a thousand cases
  • smart approach: we only do what would really work for your business
  • we NEVER outsource: all work is done in-house
  • we work alone: NO OUTSOURCING, everything’s done in-house
  • modern technology: top-of-the-line software and business processes
  • affordability: competitive prices and packages
  • personal approach: personal manager to handle your project
  • an element of surprise: can’t win if you always do what’s expected
  • a bit of art: life’s a journey, not a destination - we create as we go

Online Marketing Company in Moncton, NB

Moncton is the largest city in New Brunswick and an established transportation hub for the Maritimes. Throughout its history, Moncton has had a fair share of economic ups and down, the last being the downturn of the 1980s when CN locomotives shops had closed.

Now, with diversified economy and moderate regulation, Moncton prospers, which is exemplified by its unemployment rate - significantly lower than the national average.

Online marketing firms in Moncton are never short of orders - city’s growing economy and IT sector pose new challenges for online business owners. During this time when the competition is stiff, you need an online marketing agency in Moncton that’s reliable, experienced, and reasonably priced.

Zwebra happens to be one of those agencies - an agency that you can entrust your business with. Our specialists have helped over 300 online businesses all around the world to become a success - now it’s your turn!

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