SMM case: promoting «Magic Garden» home hydroponics systems on Facebook

Marina Korobova

About the project

«Magic Garden» is a major producer and distributor of home hydroponics systems. The company distributes its products via retail sales on the website and their social network page


  • Introduce the product (a quite specific one) to the audience and explain how it works
  • Increase the number of subscribers and site visits via social network traffic
  • Product presentation: features and how-to’s
  • Dealing with feedback and questions
  • Increasing sales

Platforms used: Facebook


Taking the specifics of the product into account, we had to learn how this stuff worked first, and then brainstorm on the ideas for promotion. Then, we created a group on Facebook and studied the competitor groups.

Together with the designer, we came up with a general concept for the campaign (colors, visual style, publishing schedule).

We kicked off the campaign by presenting the company itself, its products, and various special offers. In doing so, we tried to showcase all possible aspects of using the product.

Here's what our content strategy consisted of:

  • Promotional posts (presentation of the product)

  • Thematic posts (various ideas, health tips, product demonstration etc)

  • Entertaining posts featuring subtle brand mentions
  • Video posts (product demo showing how to install and use the hydroponics)
  • Client feedback posts

  • Posts with real-life photos of the product in use


  • 3,000+ target subscribers on Facebook
  • 113,450+ reach during the period from 10/14 to 11/10 on Facebook. These are the people who saw the posts plus «Likes», comments, shares, and more

  • 5,400+ likes, shares, and comments during the period from 10/14 to 11/10 on Facebook


  • 41,600+ views for the videos we posted from 03/14 to 03/20 on Facebook

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