SMM case: How We Promoted a Vintage Men’s Watch Store «Wandolec» on Facebook

Marina Korobova

About the Project

Wandolec is a vintage men’s watch store selling watches on its website and Facebook page. The company also does auctions on Ebay.


  • Establish the company’s presence on Facebook
  • Reach out to the target audience from the US
  • Increase the company’s brand recognition
  • Increase sales through direct advertising
  • Increase the number of visitors to the company’s e-shop
  • Establish relationship with clients

Platforms used: Facebook

SMM package: Lite

Project Timeline

We started off by getting to know the specifics of the business since vintage watches are quite an unusual product. Then we ran a website analysis and drew up a content plan for the future SMM campaign.

We created the company’s Facebook page (there was none before) and brought it to life by adding branded elements and content

We added nice visuals to go along with the content

We added the company’s products to the shop module on the Facebook page

We lured the most active users away from Wandolec competitors - did it manually for the most part. The result was over 300 new active users in less than a month

To direct target audience to the company’s e-shop or Ebay auction, we promoted the posts on Facebook to ensure maximum reach

Promo Posts and Their Stats

Just a few samples of the posts we did for this campaign.

Post #1

Reach (a number of people who saw the post) - 2,933 users, engagement (post likes, group likes, shares) - 150 users, including 142 new likes.

Post #2 (done in carousel format)

Carousel format is a format of posts on Facebook, which allows you to feature up to 10 images and/or videos, headlines, links, or calls to action in a single ad unit. Users can swipe the carousel elements, each of them is clickable (the links lead to the website).

Here are the post stats:

Reach - 2,553 users
Engagement - 224 users
Likes - 142
Website visits - 100

Post # 3

This was a truly breakthrough post: 8,428 people saw it in their feed. Other stats below:
Shares - 19
Comments - 6
Likes - 202
Post clicks - 795 (of which 550 were image views, 62 website visits, and 183 group visits)

Post #4 (carousel format) 

The results were as follows:
Reach - 1,000 users
Likes - 42
Shares - 2
Post clicks - 40


The campaign also featured a video provided by the client and a slide-show. Both were used extensively during the campaign runtime.

The first video amassed 497 views, the second one got 272.

Page Stats

17 clicks on «Shop now» button linked to website

261,691 people saw the campaign posts during the 27-day run period

9057 actions performed by users who saw the posts, which included post likes, new page likes, shares, comments, website visits, and more

69945 views of promo video 

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