SMM case: promoting the importer of designer heating systems «Decorad» on Facebook

Marta Denisenko

About the project

«Decorad» is a top-class European supplier and distributor of high-quality, premium heating systems.


  • Increase brand recognition
  • Reach out to the target audience
  • Promote the products of the company
  • Increasing customer awareness of the product updates and promos
  • Increasing sales

Platforms used: Facebook, Instagram


We started off by creating a group on Facebook and studying the competitors. Then, we drew up a social media marketing strategy aimed at increasing brand recognition of «Decorad». We also created a buyer persona along the way.

We launched the campaign by presenting the company itself, its products, and various special offers.

Here's what our content strategy consisted of:

  • Promotional posts (presentation of the products, services, and showroom)

  • Thematic posts (various interior ideas and solutions, designer tips, etc)

  • Video posts (product presentations, various life-hacks)

  • Client feedback posts

  • Articles
  • News posts about various exhibitions and industry-related events
  • Posts with real-life photos of the product in use

We used our designer ideas extensively to make visuals for the page on Facebook and create individual posts onto the feed.

We went mostly after the quality this time, not the quantity, considering the nature of the brand. That’s why we targeted our messages very specifically - to architects, interior designers, people with high income. We also set up targeted ads in the feed to increase the reach within the target audience.


  • 3,000+ target subscribers on Facebook
  • 8,000+ reach during the period from 02/21 to 02/27 on Facebook. These are the people who saw the posts plus «Likes», comments, shares, and more
  • 2,000+ views for the videos we posted from 02/21 to 02/27 on Facebook
  • 1,100 subscribers on Instagram

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