SMM case: promoting the sunflower oil brand «Deevskaya» on Facebook

Marina Korobova

About the project

«Deevskaya» is a major sunflower oil brand in Ukraine with country-wide distribution via retail chain stores.


  • Initial branding and increasing the brand recognition for the company
  • Product promotion and increasing sales
  • Getting traction and feedback from the audience
  • Increasing customer awareness of various product updates and promos

Platforms used: Facebook


First, we needed to analyze the current situation, study the competitors, and work out a promotion strategy. Once we created a group on Facebook, we started implementing the strategy - considering the substance of the product, we decided to base our concept around unusual cooking recipes that feature sunflower oil, which we gathered from different world cuisines.


The idea was to spark an interest in casual users via memorable posts, thus promoting the brand along the way.

The core job was done mainly by two people - our designer and SMM specialist.

We started off by presenting the company itself, its products, and various special offers. Here's what our content strategy consisted of:

  • Promotional posts (presentation of products/services)
  • Thematic posts (cooking recipes, tips for housewives etc)

  • Entertaining posts featuring subtle brand mentions

  • Video posts (product presentations, various life-hacks)
  • Client feedback posts
  • Posts with real-life photos of the product in use
  • Posts with contests and giveaways


  • 1,800+ target subscribers on Facebook
  • 3,800+ reach during the period from 03/14 to 03/20 on Facebook. These are the people who saw the posts plus «Likes», comments, shares, and more
  • 1,000+ views for the videos we posted from 03/14 to 03/20 on Facebook

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