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We’re living in a cool time when mobile is not future as many would assume - it is present. Since November 2016, mobile traffic has surpassed PC traffic for the first time worldwide.

What it means for us, web developers, and for you, owners of websites and online businesses, is that no longer can we overlook the responsive web development and «mobile-friendliness».

Your visitors and clients deserve equal experience on your website no matter what device they will choose for browsing it. We at Zwebra Web Studio Inc. understand the importance of responsive web development and make websites that look equally great on any mobile device. Even on iStone :)

Benefits of responsive web design

  • Your website looks great on all mobile devices
  • Your website enjoys higher ranking from search engines
  • Your website beats competitors who don’t have responsive web design

Types of website we design and develop

  1. Corporate websites
  2. Ecommerce websites
  3. Social networks
  4. Web portals
  5. CRM and web applications

Do you believe in Armageddon? Regardless of that, for irresponsible web developers and non-responsive websites, Armageddon came exactly on April 21, 2015, when Google announced its yet another algorithm update.

This update gave priority ranking to websites that were optimized for display on mobile devices. Needless to say, the event had a huge impact on the industry and changed the landscape of web technology quite a bit. It would go down in history as Mobilegeddon.

For those who were caught off guard by Google’s sudden change of heart toward non-optimized websites it was a disaster - websites lost their rankings, hence, visitors and revenue.

However, for web developers who were thinking two steps ahead, this Mobilegeddon was not a scare at all. We at Zwebra have used the responsive, mobile-friendly web design ever since 2013. Thanks to that, most of our clients had hardly noticed the Mobilegeddon and proceeded with their business development as usual.


Max Bezorudko, project manager



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