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Zwebra is a hot new marketing agency in Saint John area. We may be new to the Canadian market but we’re no strangers to online marketing and web development in general.

From 2009 (the year of its foundation) to the present time, Zwebra had overcome quite a few obstacles to establish its international status as a top online marketing agency.

We’ve helped clients from 11 countries all over the world top achieve success with their businesses. How about yours?

You will get:

  • stable growth and strong competitive advantage
  • plan of action that aligns perfectly with your goals
  • tight control over your budget with every cent accountable for
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#1 Market niche and competitor analysis

The world is ruled by numbers. If you’ve got yours right, you might join the ruling party. Our goal here is to find out exactly where your business stands before we proceed to move it in the right direction. We’ll also peek at your competitors to see what their metrics are and what we can learn from them.

Duration: 10+ workdays

Price: starting from from $2400

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#2 Creating a «Buyer Persona»

Buyer persona is a portrait of your ideal customer featuring his/her demographics, likes, interests, and needs. Firing all shots at once is not a good strategy - you’ve got to hit precisely. Buyer persona provides you with that information.

Duration: 3+ workdays

Price: starting from $720

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#3 Developing a marketing strategy for the brand

No strategy = no direction. Perhaps, the most difficult step for any business is coming top with a strategy. Online marketing is no exception - marketing strategy is vital to your overall business success. A part of that strategy, we create your USP (unique selling point) to position you on the market.
Duration: 15+ workdays

Duration: 15+ workdays

Price: starting from $3600

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#4 Creating a marketing plan for the content

Content cannot be chaotic as it’s more than just pictures, texts, and videos. It should serve a purpose set in your marketing strategy and, with every piece of content you upload onto your website or social network page, you should get closer to your marketing goals.

Duration: 10+ workdays

Price: starting from $2400

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#5 Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate is the one metric that measures the success of your online marketing efforts - the more the better. Conversion rate optimization is inescapable when we’re dealing with landing pages and any web page that involves converting a passerby visitor into a loyal customer.

Duration: 15+ workdays

Price: starting from $3600

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Why Zwebra?

  • we know our stuff: 8+ years of experience in online marketing
  • we care: our clients know that we’re on their case 24/7
  • we deliver: 97% satisfaction rate among clients
  • we work alone: NO OUTSOURCING, everything’s done in-house
  • we aren’t greedy: flexible pricing and excellent price/quality ratio
  • we like to amaze: work isn’t finished if you say «OK» - we want you to say «WOW»
  • we never forget to improvise: sometimes you just can’t go by the book - extraordinary cases lead to outside-the-box solutions

Online Marketing Company in Saint John, NB

Saint John is a large port of the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick and the second largest city in New Brunswick, right behind Moncton. In fact, back in 1785, Saint John was the first settlement to become incorporated in the territory we know as Canada.

The economic development of Saint John largely depends on its proximity to the sea and its port of call status. However, other sectors are growing pretty fast, especially, tourism industry - over 1.5 million visitors a year, 200,000 of which are cruise ship visitors.

Online marketing firms in Saint John are working hard to offer the local businesses their services at the best price. Zwebra is also out there offering you the top quality online marketing services in Saint John. With a strategic approach and smart thinking, we can achieve more together.

Our specialists have helped over 200 online businesses all around the world to become a success - now it’s your turn!

Feel free to contact us to get a quote for your case.

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