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We develop software that improves business processes

As a web development agency, we integrate technology consulting, software development, and IT services into successful business solutions. We develop cutting-edge products in collaboration with our partners.

The ultimate goal of any piece of software is to create a better user experience for your clients and increase their loyalty to your brand.

Ideal software for business should:

Besides all that, we also provide software consulting services.

Together, we can work out a solution for your business that will accelerate, simplify, and enrich the processes in your company to drive it to even more success.

Our services include custom software development, independent software testing, maintenance & support, and software consulting.

Software Development in Canada

We do all kinds of web applications for any business needs, including:

  • Custom software application development for MS Windows and Web Database programming
  • Web application development and maintenance
  • Software re-engineering
  • ERP, SharePoint, and Business Intelligence solutions
  • Legacy software migration, upgrades, and web-enabling

Independent Software Testing in Canada

Our QA specialists are prepared to take on any testing task you may have. These services include:

  • Quality assurance (finding and fixing the bugs in the software)
  • Software testing (ensuring the best software quality by going through all possible test cases and user scenarios)

Software Maintenance and Support in Canada

We do all kinds of web applications for any business needs, including:

  • Our work doesn’t end after the software is done and tested - we continue supporting it and making adjustments based on how you use it.

Software Consulting in Canada

  • The enormous experience we’ve gained through the years of work allows us to give professional advice and consult our clients on all things software.
  • The technologies that we use: Microsoft .NET, AJAX, ASP.NET, TSQL, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, OLAP, Data Mining, Data Warehouse, ETL, C++, Silverlight, ERP, SQL Server, MFC, ATL, BCG, STL, Active X, GDI+.

Why Zwebra and Not Some Other Software Development Company in Canada?

There are a few reasons why you should us over other software developers:

What we dp

Here’s how we work on web development projects

  • Start
  • Getting to know each other, set the project goals and objectives
  • Draw up brief and a contract, approve and sign them
  • Analysis
  • Design and development
  • Testing
  • Launching
  • Done!


We’ve been fortunate to work with many small businesses and big companies – a lot of their names might even ring a bell for you. But what’s more important is that we’ve earned their trust – and we’re truly proud of that.

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We also do mobile app development

Whether you’re a major brand or a fledging startup, a mobile app will help you reach out to your audience and stay in touch with them. We’ve been developing mobile apps successfully for years and, in doing so, we rarely follow any «boom - it’s done!» templates.

Every client is special and every app should be made to reach certain goals, which we carefully work out individually with our clients. Visit this page to learn more about our mobile app development prices, terms, and packages.

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