Website maintenance and technical support in Toronto

Developing and launching a website are just two first steps on your path to success. In order to make your website work for you and earn your money, you need to maintain and improve it as you go. That’s where ongoing website maintenance and technical support come into the picture.

What you get is professional help and expertise from specialists in the various fields: designers, front-end and back-end developers, QA specialist, content-manager, digital marketer, pizza-maker :) And yeah, did we mention it was PROFESSIONAL?

Website technical support

This service includes overall website performance monitoring: rectifying problems with hosting, protecting your website from various incoming threats, curing viruses, bug fixing and troubleshooting, creating and setting up email addresses for your domain

As per our clients’ wish, we also can:

  • implement the additional features you may require
  • update your CMS version
  • create new pages and sub-pages
  • update the website in accordance with Google page load speed requirements
  • upgrage website's accessibility

Website design support

Everything you need to keep your website looking good and working fast at all times.

Here is just a small example of the services that we offer:

  • creating new banners, buttons and icons
  • searching (and finding!) great images for your product catalog, blog, or news articles
  • minor page design updates or major website redesign

Website updates and content management

Got more urgent stuff to do? Let us manage your website content – we know how to make it shine and help you spark a major interest in your company among your visitors.

More details and features below:

  • copywriting
  • publishing articles, pictures and videos
  • running your corporate blog
  • updating your product catalog

Even if your business does not suggest regular website updates, you still need a go-to person, someone you can entrust your website maintenance with. And this is exactly what we do. In addition to that, we will keep you updated by sending you regular reports.

In this case, our goal is to ensure that: all the information that’s already on the website is, in fact, correct; your visitors are never short of the information they might need to consider a purchase

Websites that don’t do that tend to look deserted and not cared for – and this is not the impression visitors want to get.