IOS & Android Mobile App Development Services Canada

We can build a great app for you from scratch

To create a mobile app, all we need from you is an idea - and even if you’re not sure about the idea, we can think one up for you based on the nature of your business.

We are not limited to any particular kind of mobile application as the experience we’ve gained over the years allows us to handle even the most difficult projects.

We do apps for any type of business:

We create apps for all common platforms to ensure the maximum reach

Android for Tablet
Windows Phone

iPhone (iOS) App Development in Canada

We’ll make an iPhone app that will please your customer’s aesthetic feel and help them connect with your brand. iPhone app will help you:

  • Raise your company’s status in the eyes of users
  • Increase user and brand loyalty
  • Get more money (iPhone users are known to spend more money on average with their apps)

Android App Development in Canada

Android is the world’s leading mobile app platform so if you want to make it on the International market (especially in Asia), you’ve got to have an Android app. It will help you:

  • Open an additional sales channel
  • Integrate your business services quickly
  • Attract many new clients
  • Reach out for the new opportunities as the Android market is growing fast

Why Zwebra and Not Some Other Mobile App Developers in Canada?

There are a few reasons why you should choose us over other mobile app development companies:

  • We know our stuff and build our applications on the top-notch development software
  • We put great emphasis on usability and user experience
  • We never let any bugs in our apps
  • We offer competitive prices and work fast without any compromises to the quality
  • We will support your app well beyond the development and may become your reliable business partner

Our mobile app development process

  • Start
  • Goal-setting (why you need the app and what it should ultimately bring to the table)
  • Drawing up product specifications (basically, describing the future app and its features)
  • App interface design (various mockups and, later, design showing how exactly a user will interact with the app)
  • Creating the app architecture (laying the foundation of your app’s code)
  • Programming (writing code and implementing the features in flesh)
  • Testing (making sure everything works as it should with no bugs)
  • Done!

We can also develop quality software for your business

Modern business relies heavily on software - just a website isn’t enough. A smart businessman would love to see his/her customers enjoy the process of interacting with the website or e-shop.

To achieve that goal, you would often need pieces of software developed specifically for that - and this is what we do professionally. Custom software will help you cut down business costs, automate some of the business processes, increase the work efficiency and productivity of your employees. Visit this page to learn more about our software development prices, terms, and packages.

Maksym Bezorudko, managing director

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