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Do you want your business to rank higher on Google? Well, you sure do… Just like most of our clients who have been enjoying their websites’ high rankings for more than 3 years. Our SEO services aren’t like everyone else’s: we go deeper, harder, and stronger.

No black-hat tactics or old fuzzy methods - what we do is a combination of knowledge, experience, and a bit of magic, of course.

We make it easy for your business to be found by those looking for your services!

Step 1: SEO audit of your website

We always start from running a quick check to figure out the internal SEO issues that may exist on the website.

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Step 2: On-page SEO

On this stage, we’re optimizing your website to meet the search engine requirements: fix the functionality errors, optimize landing pages to match the target keywords. Enable the analytics tools and get everything in place for the off page SEO.

Step 3: Off page SEO management

This is when we actually raise your SERP ranking and get you closer to the top. We also monitor any new changes in the search engine algorithms and fine tune your SEO settings accordingly. Your business gets quoted on the Internet and your brand gets the recognition it deserves.

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We'll analyze your website and provide you with a list of weak on-page SEO spots and potential improvements.


We also do PPC advertising campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a type of online advertising where you pay for a click rather than impression (hence, the name). It’s quite an effective and rational way to drive more targeted traffic to your website and get noticed.

As a part of our PPC services, we do the following: create ads that convert people into customers, find the optimal keywords, design eye-catching banners, everything else to make your PPC ad campaign generate leads 24/7. Click here to learn more about PPC services from Zwebra.

Sergey Tarapatskiy, PPC specialist

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