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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one thing that can influence your site to rank up there with the top websites on the search engine results page.  In a nutshell, SEO marketing is a set of activities including changes inside and outside the website with a single goal to improve its ranking in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

SEO is merely a science. Instead, it’s a weird combination of practical knowledge, hands-on experience, and a bit of magic. As the guidelines set by Google (particularly) and Bing are always changing in regard to the website and content quality, a comprehensive local SEO guide book is impossible.

One has to rely on the professionalism of people whose job is to work on SEO daily – meet Zwebra.

Three-Stage Website SEO

For a well-rounded search engine optimization, most professional web marketing agencies implement this three-stage approach.

  1. Technical SEO audit. An express-check performed by specialists to understand the current problems of the website and how they can be fixed.On-page SEO.
  2. Includes activities like building the semantic core, clustering the semantic core, optimizing keywords, optimizing meta-tags, writing titles and descriptions for all the pages.
  3. Off-page SEO. Predominantly features SEO writing & link building – making sure other websites link to yours.

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We'll analyze your website and provide you with a list of weak on-page SEO spots and potential improvements.

Why Choose Zwebra Specialists Over Other SEO Consultants in Calgary?

  • No black-hat SEO tactics – respecting the rules is a must
  • 8+ years of successful SEO experience with companies worldwide
  • Always practical, measurable results

Here are a few reasons why you might prefer us to other SEO agencies.

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SEO Services in Calgary, Alberta

The famous “Stampede City”, Calgary is a unique place due to its geographical location. The times of oil boom are long gone and now the city is enjoying a new economic boost in technological and IT sectors.

For your SEO needs in Calgary, you’ve got Zwebra Web Studio Inc. – an firm that specializes in professional search engine optimization and web marketing.

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