Technical SEO of Squarespace website for Credit Repair Company

Roman Malyshev


LSI Credit Solutions, Seattle, USA. The company provides credit repair services helping customers to improve their credit score to refinance their loans, negotiate debts, and gain more financial freedom.


The project suggested on-page search engine optimization of a website based on the online website builder SquareSpace. Due to the rising contextual advertising costs, the client wanted to seek for alternative sources of traffic. Ultimately, he wanted to get more organic visitors from Google search, which could be achieved through increasing the website ranking for the relevant keywords (e.g., “how to improve credit score”) in the target local SEO area (Seattle).

Domain age: 10+ years

CMS: Squarespace website builder

Project duration: 1,5 weeks


  1. SEO audit and fixing the previous on-page SEO mistakes
  2. Coming up with the list of works
  3. Keyword research
  4. Technical SEO, which involved fixing many website errors and bugs (which came as a result of using a website builder as these builders often have “SEO-unfriendly” code) 
  5. Optimization of landing pages according to the keyword research
  6. Adding the website to Google Webmaster Tools and setting up the region
  7. Adding the website to Bing Webmaster Tools
  8. Re-scanning the website after the completion of our work, providing the client with the comprehensive work report and recommendations on the future SEO and usability improvement.

SEO issues BEFORE optimization:

SEO issues AFTER optimization:


  • Increased page views and general website visibility in search
  • Increased general ranking for the keywords
  • Increased organic traffic from Google search



Contact person for references: Serge Bagdasarov, Founder of Lsi Credit Solutions

+1 (425) 376 2840

You can also find the client's review of our work here.

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