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Running a successful ad campaign in Google or Bing isn’t that easy, and the results are not always there - that’s why you should leave this task to search engine marketing experts.

We will set up your SEM/PPC advertising campaign just right, taking your goals and budget into consideration. You will get guaranteed targeted visitors for your website or e-commerce quicker than you can say «I’ve never had so much traffic before». Your ads will look cooler, cost cheaper, and rank higher than those of your competitors.

The Process of Creating a Successful Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign

Here are the steps we usually go through to achieve the maximum result:

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Setting Up Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a paid (or «sponsored») search result placed among other, non-paid (or «organic») search results on Google or Bing search results page. These results are usually placed at the top of the page. The advertiser pays only if a user clicks on the ad and gets redirected to the target web page, hence the name - pay per click.

What you get by launching a contextual advertising campaign:

  • your ad at the top of Google or Bing search results page
  • steadily increasing traffic flow to your website
  • a boost in your brand recognition
  • an increase in your sales

More 70% of our clients choose Google as their primary advertising platform, 18% to 20% goes to Microsoft Bing, and the rest is divided between Yahoo and other minor search engines. If you order campaigns in both Google and Bing, you will reach out at least 90% of your target audience, which would be a wise thing to do.

Setting Up a Remarketing Ad Campaign

Remarketing ad campaigns are based on showing relevant ads to those visitors who have already visited your website and performed a certain action.

For example, a visitor on your website added a product to his/her cart but didn’t finish the checkout process. If your remarketing campaign is on, this visitor will be shown the relevant product ad on Google or Bing partner websites.

As with contextual advertising, here you also pay per click, not per number of impressions.

What you get by launching a remarketing advertising campaign:

  • returning customers to your website and a higher conversion as a result
  • increased brand recognition
  • increased sales

Some of the people who leave your website, don't even remember its name. Remarketing is here to help you bring these visitors back, as they have already had experience with your website and are likely to have a higher conversion.

Google Display Network

Display network is a type of advertising that suggests showing an ad or banner on the Google or Bing partner websites according to the targeting settings. As with other types of advertising, here you also pay per click, not per number of impressions.

What you get by launching a display network campaign:

  • wide audience reach
  • website traffic growth
  • quick response to the special offer or promo
  • brand recognition and user loyalty

Display Network advertising is the easiest way to put your brand name out there and promote your product or service.

Complete List of SEM Services and Prices

Here’s how we work on SEM projects

  • Start
  • Client briefing + defining the campaign goals
  • Signing the agreement
  • Banner design, ad copywriting
  • Setting up the campaign
  • Launching the campaign and optimizing it
  • Drawing up a report
  • Finish

We also do great SEO!

Anything that can make your website rank higher on the search results page - we do it! No black-hat stuff, these are all real, effective measures.

You get a boost in traffic, increased brand recognition, and sales through the roof. Learn more here.

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Roman Malyshev, head of SEO department

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