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For most up and coming online businesses, the most serious issue is not the lack of funds, or thoughts, or coffee - it's the lack of quality to their websites. Launching a website does not necessarily mean you will get thousands of visitors the next day. Why? Because they simply don’t know you’re there!

There isn’t much you can do about it unless - the trick is simple: if you want to earn some money, you’ve got to invest some money. In our case, the main object of investment is PPC (pay per click) advertising.

These are the «sponsored results» links you may have seen on Google or Bing. They are an essential source of good traffic to your website, and we're here to help you to out with your PPC tasks.

What We Offer

The list of our main services:

  • Contextual Advertising Setup

Target audience analysis
Ad/banner concept, design, and copywriting
Launching the PPC campaign
Managing the PPC campaign and making tweaks when needed

  • Remarketing Ad Campaign Setup

Identifying and segmenting people who’ve already been to your website
Creating a custom ad campaign for them

  • Google Display Network Advertising 

Choosing an appropriate Google Display Network platform - mobile/web apps, services, etc.
Enabling your campaign for the platform

Why PPC specialists from Zwebra?

  1. Expert AdWords management and Bing Ads campaign setup - all you need is to tell us what your goal is, we’ll take care of the rest
  2. Click price optimization - reducing your campaign costs
  3. Conversion rate optimization - getting the most of every click

Things we’re known for among our clients and the industry

PPC Advertising Management Services in Edmonton, Alberta

For our clients in Edmonton, we’ve set a whole new lineup of plans and packages for pay per click management services. Be sure to visit the «PPC Services and Pricing» page.

Zwebra Web Studio Inc. has been offering PPC services in Edmonton area for quite a while now and we know the specifics of the local market. Our specialists will take care of all your contextual advertising needs - from choosing the right keywords to design, copywriting, and coding.

To learn more about the PPC services we offer and discuss your case, please contact us via the form below - we’ll be there in an instance!


Max Bezorudko, project manager


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