Dryer Vent Cleaning Company Sees 3X More Leads with Zwebra PPC Services

Sergey Tarapatskiy

Client: Dryer Vent Cleaning Today
Industry: Home improvement services
Project start date: August, 2022
Duration: ongoing

Quick Summary

In this case study, we will share our experience of ultra-efficient optimization of an advertising campaign, reduction of the cost of conversion by 50%, and increasing the number of leads by 3 times.


Dryer Vent Cleaning Today is a company that provides commercial and residential dryer vent cleaning services. The main message of the company is that air ducts and vents should be cleaned regularly to ensure good indoor air quality and reduce the risk of fire. Preventive maintenance can also improve the efficiency and service life of dryers.

With our PPC management services, this local business managed to save the advertising budget and get more leads in the highly competitive niche in the Greater Toronto Area.

PPC Campaign Results

  • 350+ new leads in 90 days
  • 50% reduced cost per lead
  • 15% ad cost reduction


The Challenge

By providing a ventilation hole cleaning service for many years, the customer had customized advertising campaigns and had previously collaborated with several companies to run Google Ads advertising. The client opted for an audit of an existing advertising campaign with Zwebra seeking more effective use of the advertising budget.

Our goal was to increase the number of leads and optimize the conversion cost. The task was complicated by the very high competition in this niche for a given region. 
We worked with them to find high-performing keywords, and place well-designed ads across Google.

During the work on the project, we identified the steps of implementation of the tasks, and from the first months of work, we tracked the increase in traffic to the site by 49% on the advertising channel and achieved a 15% reduction in the price per click. The average ROI is 328%.

Do you want to know how we did it? Keep reading to find out!


  • Setting up analytics tools on the website
  • Conversions tracking setup
  • Paid search

Our Solution

Express audit of the site

At the very beginning of the project, our team checked the functionality of the site and the quality of the content placed on the landing pages. This significantly affects the conversion rate, as the visitor of the site should easily understand why he came here in the first seconds of his stay on the page.

Analytics setup

Next, we checked and updated to Google Analytics v4 on the site. This tool allows tracking traffic from different channels, the number of transitions on certain pages and forms, user behavior, and the page visit time. We always use this data to analyze the results of the promotion through digital channels. 

For this particular project, we have identified and set up all the necessary conversions on the site. Checked them, and correctly configured existing and missing ones. This is necessary for the correct evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and the ROI (return on investment) of the project.

Setting of Search Ads

In the process of analyzing the existing Google Ads advertising account, Zwebra’s PPC specialists identified the main problems of search advertising:

  • illogical account structure
  • a high percentage of clicks on irrelevant search queries
  • low-quality index of adaptive announcements
  • ineffective manual betting per click

Our PPC specialists have found that the market for dryer vent and duct cleaning services is very competitive. Some of the keywords we would like to focus on had a higher cost per click (CPC) and a keyword difficulty (KD). With the right ad design and CTA’s, we managed to reduce the cost per click and beat the competition. 

In order to optimize the advertising campaign and increase the efficiency of using the advertising budget, our PPC experts have done the following:

  • thoroughly investigated the search queries
  • compiled a large negative keyword list
  • redesigned campaigns and ad groups
  • created new ads with a high quality score
  • optimized ad schedule
  • applied automated bidding strategies

Launched several types of search advertising campaigns, which subsequently scaled: 

  • Local search campaign
  • Brand search campaign
  • Search ads campaign


As a result of the optimization of the existing advertising account, introduction of all necessary settings, and testing of strategies the results of advertising did not take long. 

We reduced the average cost of conversion by 50% and the price per click by 15%, which allowed us to optimize costs and increase ROI to 328%. The number of leads in 90 days of advertising was 350+, which is 3 times more than before.


With proper analysis and the right strategy, you can turn a working campaign into a highly efficient one, as we have done for this air vent cleaning company. 

If you need help turning your campaigns into the best lead generation tool, fill out our Google Ads brief to get started today.

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