Case Study: Outstanding Xmas Email Marketing Campaign (+268% Website Traffic, +1,466% Online Sales)

Kate Losina

Client: Galbraith Florists
Industry: Flower Shop & Flower Delivery Service
Project start date: April, 2022
Duration: ongoing

Quick Summary

Here’s another great project we’ve completed recently that’s certainly worth sharing – a series of holiday-themed emails we did for a local flower delivery business in Saint John, NB. Spoiler: it produced results that amazed the client and even left us pleasantly surprised. 
Here are the numbers: +78% website traffic growth, 2.5 times more transactions, and a 238.32% increase in revenue.


Galbraith Florists have been a client of ours for a while, and we did some amazing marketing for them. However, the results of our most recent email campaign managed to exceed both ours and the client’s expectations, once again proving that a well-crafted and executed email campaign can always deliver, even in the era of social media and messengers.

In 2022, Galbraith Florists created a truly unique and inspiring present for their clients – a catalog of stylish holiday decor called Holiday Lookbook. It featured different floral decoration ideas for home interior, exterior, and also the Christmas dinner.

It’s no surprise that flower shops usually do a lot of business in the days leading up to Christmas – but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive even more clients and repeat sales during this time of year with additional marketing efforts. And that’s exactly what we did.

Email Campaign Results

  • 39.3% open rate
  • 2.4% click rate
  • +69% returning visitors
  • +268% website traffic
  • 400+ link clicks

E-commerce data:

  • +251.61% transactions
  • +238.32% revenue
  • +1,466% online sales

Website traffic on the date of the newsletter

Email marketing Xmas campaign - main results for a flower delivery online service

The Challenge

Our main goal was to get the customers excited about the Christmas flower decorations from Galbraith Florists and give the Holiday Lookbook to the company’s regular clients and their mailing list subscribers.

People usually start thinking about Christmas presents well before the holiday itself, so we wanted to establish the base first and then start to build up on that, eventually leading the subscribers to the thought that Galbraith Florists had the best selection of Xmas presents – right before Christmas, when they were ready to buy.

We worked closely with the client (Galbraith Florists) to come up with a clever, unusual, and stylish announcement that we posted on social media to get the followers excited and make them want to subscribe to that mailing list (if they hadn’t already), because that was the only way they could get the Holiday Lookbook. We utilized every marketing channel the client had, which yielded great results: the website traffic grew by 268% on the date of the newsletter and the number of transactions grew by 252%, thanks to our emails right before Christmas.

How did we manage to pull that off? Let us show you.


  • Create a series of holiday-themed emails
  • Custom design for every email
  • Maintain good email list hygiene

Our solution

An effective marketing strategy is capable of turning one-time customers into repeat, loyal clients.
Since the mailing list of our client (Galbraith Florists) already had people who’d placed at least one order on the company’s website, the brand needed no introduction. All we had to do was to create an awareness and a bit of anticipation.
Our emails came in two sets:


№1. Warm-up email, announcing the Holiday Lookbook on the website

This was done to get the audience excited about the upcoming holidays and give them interesting ideas for Xmas presents.

Here are the results:

  • 39.3% open rate 
  • 2.4% click rate 
  • +69% returning visitors

Click map in Xmas email newsletter for a local florists



№2. Main email, containing the company’s products (floral decorations) available for purchase

This email demonstrated the variety of the company’s products placed in the holiday context and prompted the subscribers to purchase the ones they liked. The result was a 238.32% increase in website sales before and during the holiday weekend.

Xmas email newsletter for a local florists

How did manage to achieve these results?

  • Warming up the client base and getting them genuinely excited before actually offering them something to buy
  • Catchy email subject positively affected the open rate (39.3%)
  • Minimalistic, yet stylish email design combined with professionally shot product images increased the customer engagement and sales:

- Website traffic grew by 68% and 76% on the days we sent out the emails

- Revenue grew almost by 300% on the day we sent the second email

- Online sales grew by a staggering 1,466.20%!!!


When we later analyzed the email campaign results, we found out that emails were responsible for 27.9% of new visitors to the company’s website, with the Ecommerce Conversion Rate reaching 10.1%. The number of link click was well over 400 while the Returning Visitor metric reached 23% within a month.



This email campaign was nothing but another reminder of how important it is to keep your mailing list subscribers informed and engaged with a relevant message without being intrusive. As a result, you will get loyal client who are willing to do more business.

Our email brought came at the right time and delivered value – the rest was a matter of marketing. Galbraith Florists increased their sales, their customer bought awesome presents for Christmas, and we got another case under our belt – if that’s not a win-win-win situation, then what is?

As you can see, emails and email campaigns do work – and not just for a flower delivery shop, but for any kind of local businesses. When thought out well and set up properly, they can deliver amazing results, increasing your sales and boosting your customer loyalty.

If that’s what you’re after, we’ll be more than happy to help!

Email marketing Xmas campaign results for a flower delivery online service

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