Email Marketing for Local Florist: +385% Website traffic, +238.32% Revenue. Keep Your Clients Coming Back with Monthly Newsletters for a Flower Delivery Service.

Kate Losina

Client: Galbraith Florists
Industry: Flower Shop & Flower Delivery Service
Project start date: April, 2022
Duration: ongoing

Quick Summary

In this case study, you will learn how we managed to boost the number of transactions by 2.5 times and launched an email marketing campaign for a local flower delivery business, achieving +85% returning visitors.


Galbraith Florists is a local flower shop and online delivery service in Greater Saint John. Having started out as a tiny flower business in 1960, Galbraith Florists has grown over the years into a popular local flower store, earning praise and trust from residents of Saint John and nearby communities. Galbraith Florists also specialize in flower arrangements for weddings and events.

The company's mission is to bring smiles to people's faces. We did our best to help the team at Galbraith Florists with that mission, increasing the number of orders with the monthly newsletters campaign.

Email Campaign Results

  • 35% avg. open rate
  • at least 1,8% link clicks
  • +85% returning visitors
  • +385% website traffic

E-commerce data:

  • +251.61% transactions
  • +238.32% revenue

Website traffic on the date of the newsletter

Email marketing campaign results for a flower delivery online service

The Challenge

The client was considering new business development channels and contacted us for help first, as we previously collaborated successfully on setting up Google Ads and doing on-page SEO for their online store. We quickly realized that, over the years, the client had amassed a considerable number of email addresses of existing and past customers who made at least one purchase online.

Naturally, we decided to launch a newsletters campaign that pursued three main goals:

  1. re-introduce the brand to the customers
  2. activate repeat sales
  3. increase customer loyalty.

An effective email marketing strategy is the key to promoting and growing business, increasing revenue, and selling more stuff. We managed to increase the website traffic by 3.8 times and increase sales by 2.5 times. All thanks to a timely launched email campaign, just before the holidays.

How did we manage to pull this off? Read on to find out.


  • Create an email marketing plan
  • Custom newsletter design
  • Validating and cleaning the subscribers list

Our solution

It’s no secret that effective email marketing converts prospects into customers, turning one-time buyers into repeat customers and raving fans.

With this thought in our minds, we started our work on the project with a competitor analysis, paying attention to how the client’s competitors structured, designed and distributed their newsletters. This helped us choose the best solutions and find the right ideas for email marketing campaigns for an online flower delivery service.

Click map in email newsletter for a local florists


The key points that would lead us to a higher open rate were identified as follows:

  • Frequency. We did not try to spam our subscribers, sending out only 1-2 emails a month. The reasoning behind this is very simple: when people trust you so much and they’re really interested in what you have to say, they're more than willing to invite you into their inbox.
  • Usefulness. We respect our customers and share only relevant and useful information that matters to them: e.g., season trends, buyer’s guides, reminders of important events (so that they can send a bouquet to their loved ones), and so on.
  • Conciseness. We value the time of Galbraith Florists customers and make our emails short, down-to-the-point, but nevertheless engaging.
  • Inspiration. Flowers are inspiring by themselves and we just need to reiterate that notion, so that the client would want to express their feelings with a lovely bouquet.


Once we formed the basis of our email marketing strategy, we started to implement it step by step, using all the tools from our arsenal: catchy subject line, stylish and modern design, well-written copy, clear call to action and convenient email structure. This allowed us to achieve a good open rate (35%) and a low unsubscribe rate (only 1.6%).

Also, before we launched a new email campaign, we made sure to clean up and validate the email list for this campaign to get rid of incorrect email addresses and unsubscribed customers.

Based on the results of each email campaign, we did a thorough analysis to understand which parts worked best and appealed the most to Galbraith Florists subscribers - whether it was the design, copy, or overall structure. Our key indicators were open rate, bounce rate, click rate, and unsubscribe rate as well as the number of transactions completed via links from a particular newsletter.

Transactional emails for a flower delivery online service

A great analytics tool here is a click map. It allows you to understand which products or categories are more popular among users, which parts of the newslletter people tend to linger on, and which ones they scroll through without looking. The accumulated data was used to improve subsequent newsletters.


Keeping your newsletter subscribers engaged is vital to any company's growth, which proved to be the case… in our case!

Relevant emails sent at the right time to the right audience helped us to increase engagement, remind old customers about the brand, and stimulate repeat sales on the client’s website. We increased the number of transactions by 2.5x while the revenue by 2.3x. This is a solid result, which shows that customers who have completed at least one order online still need brand reminders to come back and make repeat purchases.

Email marketing campaign - main results for a flower delivery online service

Email marketing allows you to build and strengthen relationships with potential and existing customers. This channel is extremely important for local businesses that are interested in brand development and profit growth.

As you can see, we can achieve an impressive email open rate and increase online sales based purely on the strength of the newsletters. If you’d like to get the same results for your business, we would be more than happy to help.

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