Local SEO for Windows & Doors Company: from 600 to 10,800+ Monthly Visitors

Veronika Mostovaya

Client: Vinyl Light Windows and Doors
Industry: Windows & doors replacement
Project start date: January 2021
Duration: ongoing

Quick Summary

How we increased monthly website traffic coming from the local organic search by an astounding 780% with the right SEO strategy for the window and door company.


Our client, Vinyl Light Windows & Doors, has been providing window and door installation and replacement services for over 13 years, serving clients in the Greater Toronto and the surrounding area. The company is known for its wide range of products, affordable pricing, and impeccable customer service, which is proven by consistently high ratings across various platforms.

We did our thing to help Vinyl Light expose their products and services to a wider audience and increase the number of happy homeowners who can now boast a new set of energy-efficient windows and doors.


  • 400+ keywords in the TOP 10 of Google
  • 3.43K quality backlinks
  • +354% leads increase over 16 months
  • Noticeable results within 5 months

SEO Results for Windows & Doors company

Main Challenge

With this project, our key goals were to take the client’s website straight to the top of the SERP, drive targeted traffic, and make CPL (cost per lead) as low as possible.

Already ambitious as they are, these goals proved even harder to reach considering the fact that “window and door replacement” is a highly competitive bid in the GTA, which resulted in roughly $60-90 per quality lead, depending on the time of year - quite a steep price.

Naturally, we had to make the most of our SEO tools to increase organic traffic to the website from local Google search and decrease CPL, which we ultimately managed to achieve.

In the process, we had to change or update a number of the company’s website elements as well as develop a new SEO strategy.

Some 16 months later, both we and the client were more than pleased with the results: CPL went down from the initial $60-90 to the more acceptable $10-15.

How did we manage to do that? Read on to find out.

Strategy & Milestones

  • Website redesign
  • Website SEO
  • Content marketing


1. Custom website design

If there’s one thing that sets the basis for successful interaction between a company and a potential client, it has to be the website. Enjoyable user experience allows you to convey the product value and keep the visitor engaged enough for them to stay on the website - by describing the benefits and ultimately increasing the conversion rate.

In this case, the client’s website was originally created via an online website builder. We realized it would lead us to a number of problems with SEO as it’s almost impossible for sites like to increase the page load speed and fine-tune other SEO parameters. There were far too many limitations so we offer the client a complete website redesign.

After a quick consideration, the client agreed to this, and then we started our work. We wanted to do everything right - a new website with a proper CMS that’s tailored to SEO needs. The site had to look good as well. To achieve that, here’s what we did:

  • Custom design and fresh look
  • A flexible CMS that could be used for potential site expansion
  • Well thought-out site structure
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Mobile-friendly front-end
  • Product page with a detailed description
  • Customer reviews

This approach allowed us to create a modern, simple, and easy-to-use website that could be later properly optimized in accordance with all the requirements from Google. You can check the results of our work here.


2. On-page SEO

On-page SEO was next. At this step, it was extremely important to match all the Google requirements to make sure the website pages are indexed properly.
Here’s a quick recap of what we did:

  • Made keyword research and built a semantic core
  • Compiled metadata
  • Optimized images
  • Set up technical files
  • Implemented microdata markup
  • Set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics to be able to track the results of our work
  • Created and optimized the company’s profile on Google My Business

The company’s listing is prominently displayed for topic-related queries in local Google search results - thanks to the positive reviews from customers in Google My Business and regular posting of updates and promotions. This is a great tool for driving local traffic to the website, as well as generating calls and requests. It also works for the company’s reputation.

Created and optimized the company’s profile on Google My Business

3. Content marketing

Content is still the king. All your SEO efforts will be futile if they are not supported by quality content that both informs and engages your site visitors.

Before we launched the client’s website, we worked out the optimal list of keywords for all its pages. Based on those, we created unique content complete with CTAs, info sections, cool visuals, and product images.

As a result, we created a website where visitors weren’t just visitors - we treated each and every one of them as potential clients of Vinyl Light Windows & Doors, with the website content structured appropriately.

We put together a monthly digest featuring reviews that not only tell about products and services but also help potential clients to make the right choice and become paying customers.


4. SEO strategy

On-page SEO is the beginning of a long journey. After completing the on-page search engine optimization of the website, we started tackling the main problem - ensuring that people could find the site on the first pages of the local Google search results in Toronto and the surrounding area. Tight competition in this niche required a competent strategy for SEO promotion. We split it into 2 stages.

A thorough analysis of the client’s competitors in this niche helped us to realize that it might take quite some time to work with highly competitive keywords. Therefore, it was decided to first focus on low-frequency queries that could provide the client with instant leads from organic search results, and only then expand the semantics and work with high-frequency search queries. We worked with the client to select a few high-priority targets for quick boosts!


Stage 1

In the first 6-9 months, we focused our SEO efforts on the key queries. Thanks to this, we were able to get a bunch of “easy wins” on the search engine results page. We regularly analyzed the search results and competitor websites to identify the most popular search queries. Based on those, we came up with thematic content, earned links (local citations), and posted PR articles with backlinks on trusted third-party sites.

Modern SEO isn’t just about “driving traffic” anymore - it’s also about providing your site visitors with value and an enjoyable experience.

To achieve that, we did regular monthly studies of search queries, identified potentially interesting topics, and wrote useful blog posts. Our task was to create interesting and useful content for the target audience that could not only drive traffic to the site, but also retain users and convert them into leads.

Further analysis of the key search queries enabled us to expand the semantics of the site. To do this, we created new landing pages and improved the existing ones, based on our observations of the search traffic and competitors.

Another thing that is a must these days for any website is fast-loading pages. Modern users are not patient enough to wait for their websites to load for more than a second or two. To boost the site load speed, we regularly conducted technical audits and optimized the landing pages.


Stage 2

Monthly analysis showed that organic traffic was growing. The site received a certain increase in trust and earned positions in the TOP 3 for low- and medium-frequency queries in the cities where the client’s company provided its services. It was finally the right time to shift our focus to high-frequency queries.

After 16 months of work, we were able to outdo most of the client’s competitors who offered window and door replacement services in the Greater Toronto area (in terms of ranking in the search results for high-frequency queries). As the project is still going, we keep improving the results.

SEO Results for Local Construction Business

Project Results

The client originally contacted us to help them out with boosting their rankings, traffic volume, and a number of leads coming from the local Google search.

16 months later, we have to say we’re more than pleased with the results (so is the client). We’ve been able to develop a solid SEO strategy that’s been flawlessly implemented:

  • We’ve cracked the TOP-40 for 400+ keywords and outperformed most competitors on the market
  • Organic traffic grew up by 700% (!) over the past year
  • The average CPL decreased from $60-90 to $10-15


SEO for Window and Door Companies

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