We Create Great E-commerce Websites

We always start by running a comprehensive analysis: market niche and competitors, target audience, customer behavior - we want to know it all. During the e-commerce website design process, we take all the factors into consideration - such as web marketing, customer feedback, benchmarking, and current web design trends.

All this leads to you getting an effective e-commerce website that ensures maximum conversion rate, drives your sales and appeals to your customers at the same time.

The websites that we make are designed to suit any of the following purposes:

  • increasing the conversion rate and turning visitors into customers
  • positioning a company’s brand on the Internet
  • creating and maintaining the positive image of a brand
  • top-class presentation and promoting company’s products/services
  • increasing the effectiveness of company’s marketing efforts
  • implementing customer loyalty programs
  • crafting unique selling proposals and delivering the right marketing messages
  • differentiating your company from your rivals
  • increasing revenue
  • pointing out your competitive advantages and using them in marketing campaigns
  • establishing loyalty and trust within your customers

Why Zwebra

  1. We analyze the current marketing strategy of our clients figuring out all the nuances along the way - that’s why our marketing solutions are tailored to your and your customer needs.
  2. Our clients are more than just businessmen - they’re entrepreneurs. Money isn’t everything they’re after. They want to create and market great products (or services) and make people’s lives better. We’re driven by the same things, really.
  3. We don’t just design e-commerce websites - we help create great brands and stories behind them.
  4. Our designers know a little more than how to work in Photoshop - they always add a bit of magic to whatever they create so that your visitors and customers will see and feel the difference between «a website» and «your website».
  5. We use the latest and most advanced technology that’s out there and make no compromises to the quality. We follow the latest e-commerce trends 2017 and know what’s hot.
  6. Your goals are our goals too and we can’t win unless you reach them. Every piece of design, code, or text is there for a purpose - to drive your business to success.

What Is Included in the Price?

  • market analysis
  • competitive marketing strategy
  • modern web design tailored to your customer needs
  • a website with great e-commerce UI and UX: optimal structure, well-structured catalog, smart search, clear steps, and e-commerce payment processing
  • modern HTML5-based front-end development, which is SEO-friendly
  • cool animation and effects that would surely draw the attention of your visitors
  • professional coding on CMS Open Cart, Magento, or highly customizable frameworks like Laravel 5 and Angular 2 (which means you’ll be able to add products from your database, have SMS confirmation and more)
  • website tutorial - we will teach you how to get the best of your new website

E-Commerce Website Price

The average price for a mid-scale project is $15.000 - $20.000If your order it today, your e-commerce website will be up and running within10 to 16 weeks.

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Our Work Process

  • Start
  • Research and analysis. Drawing prototypes & mockups
  • Design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Adding content
  • Testing
  • LaunchPost-launch analysis and monitoring

What Happens After the Website Is Launched?

After the website is up and running, we can assist in increasing sales by promoting your commerce website. To do that, we use the following marketing tools:

  1. Search-engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Pay-per-click contextual advertising (PPC)
  3. Social media marketing (SMM)
  4. Conversion rate optimization - CRO (website visitor behavior analysis, e-commerce A/B testing, enabling analytics tools and more - all to track your customer activity and pick the optimal promotion channel)

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