Conversion rate optimization

One cannot underestimate the importance of conversion rate optimization (CRO) for an online business. The task itself is tough but, if done right, it can yield great results generating more leads for your business and, thus, increasing your revenue.

Here’s what our conversion optimization process typically looks like:

  • We decide which metric(s) we want to increase based on the marketing strategy.
  • See what these metric(s) currently are (to do so, we want to make sure we track all the data that we need to draw conclusions)
  • Identify problems and make assumptions as per what we should change/add/remove to increase the metric(s)
  • Formulate proper hypotheses for tests. Rank the hypotheses based on their potential and ease of implementation.
  • Create the design for the highest-ranked hypothesis (wireframes-mockups-final design)
  • Implement the design onto the website with a minimum possible amount of work. Lots of coding happens at this stage.
  • Run A/B tests with control variation and experimental variation(s) until they reach statistical significance and a clear winner is decided.
  • Analyze the data once the test is considered over by the testing tool. If the experimental variation won, we roll out the solution on 100% of the audience.
  • Monitor the metric(s) closely after successfully completing the test to see if the actual changes match the ones we calculated earlier.
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