Google Ads for a Flower Shop & Delivery Service - How We Achieved a 768% Return on Advertising Spend

Sergey Tarapatskiy

Client: Galbraith Florists
Industry: Local Flower Shop & Delivery Service
Project start date: November, 2021
Duration: 1.5 months

Quick Summary

In this case study, we share our unique experience of helping a local florist in Atlantic Canada to grow their sales with Google Ads. We managed to decrease the cost per click by 2.2x and increase their pay-per-click campaign revenue by 8x.


Galbraith Florists is a local flower shop and flower delivery service in Saint John, NB. Having started out as a tiny flower business in 1960, Galbraith Florists has grown over the years into a popular local flower store, earning praise and trust from residents of Saint John and nearby towns. Galbraith Florists also specialize in flower arrangements for weddings and events.

The company's mission is to bring smiles to people's faces. We did our best to help the team at Galbraith Florists with that mission, eventually earning them hundreds of new customers through careful research and optimization of an existing PPC campaign.

PPC Campaign Results

  • +1,657% ad traffic increase
  • +727% increase in the number of transactions
  • +787% revenue increase
  • - 59% CPC (cost per click) decrease

Google Ads campaign results for a flower delivery online service

The Challenge

The client initially created a Google Ads campaign on their own. Sometime later, the client decided to turn to PPC consultants who could set up an advertising campaign professionally to maximize the ROI.

Once we got down to work, we quickly identified a number of tasks: to drive targeted traffic to the website, optimize the existing advertising campaign, boost the online sales component for the client’s business, and also increase the number of leads for wedding flower services. In this segment, the audiences are very loyal to local businesses. Plus, there is a factor of major Canadian flower retailers that the client had to compete with. Naturally, it’s not easy for a local business to outrank a major corporation in the search results, as these corporations have the funds and the means to take on a significant share of traffic and orders.

Nevertheless, we accepted the challenge and optimized the existing ad groups while also creating a new, properly structured advertising campaign in the client's Google Ads account. Results came in soon: we managed to increase the conversion rate by 19% and the profitability of the advertising campaign by 12.8x already in the first months of operation. At the same time, ROI averaged 768%.

How did we achieve these rather impressive results? You can find a detailed breakdown below.


  • Ecommerce tracking setup
  • Paid search
  • Google shopping campaign

Our solution

We have already developed a brand new online store for the client before - here’s what we came up with.


Ecommerce Tracking Tools Setup

First, our specialists set up eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics. The client already had a basic advertising campaign running, but the analytics in the online store was not fully configured and thus lacked important data:

  • no e-commerce data was tracked
  • no conversions were added and tracked

Because of this, it was impossible to calculate ROI correctly and see how many orders and traffic came from different advertising channels.

We set up eCommerce tracking and selected the events required for tracking conversions on the client’s website: orders through the shopping cart, clicks on the phone number, and requests submitted from forms. As a result, in the first month of running an optimized Google Ads campaign, we were able to capture 55 targeted calls and 42 completed sales through the site's shopping cart.


Google Search Ads Setup

The next step for us was to set up search ads to increase brand awareness and drive new customers in the Greater Saint John area, as well as those people who wanted to send a bouquet to their friends and relatives from other parts of Canada and the United States.

The existing ad group had a considerably good conversion rate. We checked the settings and made a number of optimizations that allowed us to increase the ad quality, reduce the number of non-targeted clicks, and optimize the budget for the existing ad group.

Initially, we structured the advertising account and launched several different types of search ad campaigns, which we later scaled up. These included:

  • Local search campaign
  • Brand search campaign
  • Search campaign
  • Google shopping campaign
  • Personalized search ads for different holidays

All the local search campaigns featured additional ad groups targeted at specific towns. Smaller communities in Canadian provinces tend to support local businesses and this type of advertising helped us to get a good CTR. People saw the name of their town in the ad, realized how convenient it was for them, and often ordered the flower delivery right there and then.

In the flower delivery business, there are quite a few bigtime players who are always trying to outrank smaller local companies in the paid search results. We decided to create a workaround - in order to retain the client’s regular customers and attract some new ones, we created and launched an ad group based on brand search queries. 

These ads have lower CPC but the conversion rate is very high because people are already familiar with the brand and ready to make repeat purchases. Properly set up brand ads always have a good effect on the overall stats of the ad campaign.

We also created a separate ad group that was focused on services related to flower arrangements for weddings and events.


Product Optimization and Shopping Campaigns Setup

If you’re selling flowers online, it’s all about the beautiful picture - bouquets simply have to look perfect, whether in real life or in the ad banner. To achieve this, we needed to display our client's products as often as possible, especially considering the high quality and a wide variety of bouquets from Galbraith Florists. That’s why we set up a Shopping Campaign. Before the launch, we ensured that the names of the products in the online store matched the popular search queries and prepared a list of recommendations for the client to optimize them. The client, in turn, updated the content to increase the ad appeal and get a higher CTR for the Shopping Campaign ads.
A Smart Shopping Campaign includes a retargeting ad that effectively brings potential shoppers back to the site and works great for increasing brand awareness.

People are known to make spontaneous purchases, especially before the holidays. In this case, a timely launch of personalized search ads before holidays like Christmas, Mother's Day, or Valentine’s Day is very important. These ads tend to have high conversion rates.


Having optimized the client's advertising account, we managed to increase the number of transactions on the website by 7x, and revenue by 7.9x, while the average ROI grew up to 768%. All in all, we consider this to be an outstanding result and a smart investment on the client’s part that set up a solid basis for the business to grow in the months and even years to come.

PPC Campaign Results for a local florists

As you can see, we achieved an impressive ROI by optimizing a Google Ads campaign for this local florist and flower delivery service.



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