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Pay per click (PPC) advertising is like a ghost in the marketing industry - everyone seems to have heard of it, worked with, or even manage it but no one can quite tell you for sure why and how it really works. For all we know, PPC is an excellent promotion opportunity for a lot of businesses at it allows you to hit several targets simultaneously - noticeable effect, relatively moderate budget, and quick results.

What types of businesses benefit from PPC the most? If we were to pick the top three categories, would be as follows:

✓ Businesses with high CLTV (customer lifetime value) - doctors, dentists, beauty salons, car tuning shops, and various subscription-based services
✓ Businesses with high-profit margins - lawyers, luxury goods merchants, and various B2B companies
✓ Businesses that really on season promotions heavily

However, this is not the ultimate list of businesses who might attract more clients through PPC - this type of advertising is quite versatile and fits almost all kinds of business naturally.

However, PPC isn’t something that an amateur can handle. For optimal results, it would be better to delegate the job to professionals - like the ones that work here, at Zwebra Web Studio Inc.

PPC Services We Offer

This is what we have to offer:

  • Competitor & market analysis
  • Contextual advertising campaign setup (Keywords and phrases research, Copywriting, A/B testing)
  • Campaign data tracking
  • Campaign managing 
  • Remarketing ad campaign setup
  • Google Display Network advertising

Why PPC specialists from Zwebra?

  1. Every client and every campaign deserve a personal approach
  2. Optimal campaign setup
  3. Data-driven approach
  4. Dedicated account manager to every client
  5. Detailed monthly reports
  6. CPC and CTR optimization

This is what makes us stand out from our peers

PPC Advertising Management Services in Vaughan, York Region, Ontario

Your business deserves the best, and we know how to get you there. Knowledge, hard work, and strong analytical approach are the tools we use daily to help our clients succeed.

For those of you who are based in Vaughan, we’ve set up a few special pricing options for pay per click management services available on the «PPC Services and Pricing» page.

To learn more about the PPC services from Zwebra Web Studio Inc. and request a quote, please contact us via the form below.


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