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Starting out an online business means you need to create a website - this part is usually the easier one. What comes after your website has been uploaded onto the server is a bit of a struggle. You would love to have thousands of people visiting your website daily and making purchases but it doesn’t happen. Reason? Lack of targeted traffic. Where to get targeted traffic for your website? Contextual advertising, or pay per click ads.

Contextual advertising is what Google lives off of - it allows businesses to display the so-called «sponsored link» among the organic search results based on a set of keywords relevant to the search query. Setting up a PPC campaign and running it successfully isn’t as easy as Google or Bing put it in their FAQs. One has to have a great deal of experience and know the right marketing tricks to make the whole thing work. You’ve been lucky to stumble upon a website of a studio that has that knowledge and experience - Zwebra.

What We Offer

  1. Contextual Advertising Setup.
  2. Finding your target audience, coming up with the proper keywords for your products/services, and setting up your ads for display.
  3. Remarketing Ad Campaign Setup. Identifying people who’ve been to your website once and showing them targeted ads on other websites.
  4. Google Display Network Advertising. Promoting your website via a series of ads/banners displayed on Google Display Network, which covers most of the Internet.

Why PPC specialists from Zwebra?

  • We set it all up: starting your Google AdWords management and Bing Ads campaign from scratch
  • We deliver results: regular reports on your campaign status
  • We optimize it: lowering the cost per click to achieve even better results
  • We increase CTR: conversion is just as important

One cannot simply fake his way through the PPC advertising campaign - here, you’re dealing with concrete numbers, ratios, and conversions.

PPC Advertising Management Services in Montreal, Quebec

For those of you are lucky enough to live in Montreal, we’re offering our special pricing options available on this page «PPC Services and Pricing».
If you’re still unsure about your next (or first) PPC campaign, give Zwebra Web Studio Inc. a try. We’ve been providing PPC services in Montreal for quite a while and know the specifics of the market really well.

Feel free to contact us for a quote or ask for any additional information - we’ll be glad to help!


Max Bezorudko, project manager


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