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Pay per click (PPC) advertising is the process of creating and running ads, for every click on which the advertiser has to pay a certain pre-arranged fee. The most common places for these PPC ads are search engines - Google and Bing.

While the logic behind PPC seems quite obvious - people search for their stuff anyway, why not offer some «sponsored result» - PPC is quite a controversial marketing model that many small businesses have a problem with.

First of all, a proper PPC campaign cannot tolerate an amateur. The process of researching and testing keywords is quite complicated and requires a great deal of analytical knowledge and special tools.

Secondly, even if you got your keywords right, it doesn’t automatically mean that people start clicking on your ad the same moment. You need to optimize the ad itself and what comes after - the landing page or the product/service page of your website that you direct users to.

Finally, a proper PPC campaign requires proper management after it’s been launched as competitors are also making their attempts to gain on you.

It takes a professional digital marketing agency to create, set up, launch, and manage a successful PPC campaign - an agency like Zwebra!

Our PPC Services

The list below, despite being full, does not feature our custom tricks and technologies used in tough cases.

  • Competitor & market analysis
  • Contextual advertising campaign setup (Keywords and phrases research, Copywriting, A/B testing)
  • Campaign data tracking
  • Campaign managing 
  • Remarketing ad campaign setup
  • Google Display Network advertising

Why PPC specialists from Zwebra?

  1. Guaranteed campaign results
  2. Personal approach to every case
  3. Data-driven, analytical approach
  4. Dedicated account manager
  5. Detailed monthly reports
  6. After-launch campaign management

What sets us apart from the competition

PPC Advertising Management Services in York Region, Ontario

Connecting customers and businesses is a very delicate issue as there are so many things that can go wrong. But when everything clicks, the results are truly amazing. At Zwebra Web Studio Inc., we know how to set up a perfect PPC campaign that will bring instant results and won’t cost you much.

For our clients in York, we’ve set up a few special pricing options for pay per click management services available on the «PPC Services and Pricing» page.

To learn more about the PPC services from Zwebra Studio and request a quote, please contact us via the form below.


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