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Pay per click (PPC) advertising is what helps a lot of small (and often large) business not only survive but thrive. Since we are all dependent on technology, Internet and search engines to function, things like PPC make online more accessible than it has ever been.

Based on the original idea that every business should have a reliable method of obtaining low-cost but good quality leads, PPC has evolved much further. Now, it offers truly limitless possibilities in terms of targeting, keyword precision, and cost.

Combine that with a smart, data-driven approach that allows you to get even more from one single click through split-testing and conversion rate optimization, and you will get a perfect picture of what PPC is today.

However, if it were all that simple, we would see millions of successful online businesses daily, which, in reality, we don’t. The reason is that setting up a PPC campaign, launching it, and managing it properly is no task for an amateur, even if Google AdWords and Bing Ads try to prove otherwise.

For the best results, you need professionals to handle the job - like the ones that work here, at Zwebra.

PPC Services We Offer

Everything you need to run successful PPC campaign.

  • Competitor & market analysis
  • Contextual advertising campaign setup (Keywords and phrases research, Copywriting, A/B testing)
  • Campaign data tracking
  • Campaign managing 
  • Remarketing ad campaign setup
  • Google Display Network advertising

Why PPC specialists from Zwebra?

  1. Personal approach to every client and every case
  2. Optimal campaign setup (costs vs. outcome vs. time)
  3. Data- and metric-driven approach
  4. Detailed monthly reports
  5. Conversion rate optimization to increase the overall campaign efficiency

A few reasons why you should prefer us over any other agency in your area

PPC Advertising Management Services in Richmond Hill, York Region, Ontario

Zwebra Web Studio Inc. has successfully completed over a hundred tough PPC campaigns so there is hardly anything new for us in the industry. However, life tends to surprise us once in a while, and we love surprises and new challenges.

For our clients in Richmond Hill, we’ve set up a few special pricing options for pay per click management services available on the «PPC Services and Pricing» page.

To learn more about the PPC services from Zwebra Studio and request a quote, please contact us via the form below.


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