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Every online business dreams of huge traffic – and not just some traffic but traffic that would be highly targeted and motivated enough to make a purchase. Where do you get one? Running a million-dollar ad campaign might be an option but not if you’re a business that practically no one knows about yet. What do you do then? Right, you turn to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google or Bing. But handling a PPC campaign isn’t all that simple, especially for the first time. Now what?

Your best choice is to delegate the Google-certified experts who know how to set up and manage PPC advertising campaigns right. We are that kind of people – meet Zwebra.

We offer high-quality PPC management services in Toronto & the GTA and help local businesses get more leads and sales online with Google Ads.

Our PPC Management Services Include

  • Search Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Remarketing
  • YouTube Ads

Why PPC specialists from Zwebra?

  • Quick Results
  • Target the Right Audience
  • Maximize ROI
  • Certified PPC Experts
  • Competitive Pricing 


GOOGLE Partner Zwebra

Things we do better than most agencies out there

  1. Google Ads setup & management
  2. Cost per click optimization
  3. Conversion rate optimization

Google Ads Agency Toronto, Ontario

Running a successful ad campaign on Google or Bing isn’t that easy, and the results are not always there - that’s why you should leave this task to an experienced local Google Ads agency in Toronto.

Hire our PPC experts to set up your advertising campaign just right, taking your goals and budget into consideration. You will get guaranteed targeted visitors for your website or online store quicker than you can say «I’ve never had so much traffic before». Your ads will look cooler, cost cheaper, and rank higher than those of your competitors.

Here are the steps we usually follow to achieve successful results:

❶ Defining the goals of the campaign
❷ Profiling the target audience, their interests, and needs
❸ Creating a unique selling proposition (USP)
❹ Setting up landing pages and analyzing their competitiveness
❺ Coming up with the list of keywords, including negative keywords
❻ Setting up your account structure - campaigns and ad groups
❼ Copywriting: ad headlines + descriptions, defining banner sizes, and configuring ad extensions (additional links, addresses, and callouts)
❽ Configuring targeting options, coming up with a bid strategy, and bidding for various device types
❾ Optimization, A/B testing, and scaling up the campaign

For our clients in Toronto, we’ve set up a few special pricing options for PPC management services. Be sure to visit the «PPC Services and Pricing» page.

Zwebra Web Studio Inc. has been around since 2009 assisting small and medium-size businesses in their PPC endeavours and always achieving success. Give us a chance to deal with your PPC advertising campaign - we'll set it up and run it properly while you will take care of business operations.

If you’re ready to make your first step to getting more leads and growing your sales fill out our PPC brief.


Max Bezorudko, project manager



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