On-page SEO of Metal Solutions Company's Website

Roman Malyshev


AM Metal Solutions, Melbourne, Australia. The company manufactures and installs high-quality, architecturally designed metal constructions for residential apartment complexes, retail, commercial, and other facilities. Also, provides laser cutting services and manufacturing & supply of prison furniture.


We did on-page search engine optimization of a newly created website, which was based on one of our own templates featuring a custom CMS on PHP. The client wanted the website to get high rankings for the relevant keywords in the local Google search related to the metalworking services they provided in Melbourne area. Also, the company wanted to get featured under the keywords related to the furniture they produced for the correctional facilities across the whole Australia.

Domain age: 4 years

CMS: custom on PHP

Project duration: 1,5 weeks


  1. Drawing up the work plan
  2. Keyword research
  3. Optimizing website technical files
  4. Optimizing landing pages based on the keyword research
  5. Adding the website to Google Webmaster Tools and setting up the region
  6. Adding the website to Google Business directory
  7. Enabling Google Analytics for the website
  8. Re-scanning the website after the completion of our work, providing the client with the comprehensive work report and recommendations on the further SEO promotion campaign.



  • The website was prepared for the advanced optimization
  • Extensive keyword research for the landing pages was completed
  • The main pages of the website were properly optimized for the relevant Google searches
  • The website appeared in the Google organic search and got featured under the relevant queries

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