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Businesses nowadays are shifting further and further away from “web” into “mobile” as the total number of PC users has been steadily declining since the early 2010s. Venturing into the realm of mobile apps is indeed worth your investment – the stage of “you’ve got to have an app because every other business has one” has been long gone.

However, developing a solid application is much more difficult than developing a website. And even if you do have your app, how exactly should you promote it?

Today’s mobile apps are a useful marketing tool and a great way to create a positive, memorable image of your brand.

App + Your Business = Success

Here are just a few benefits of having a mobile app for your business:

  • Access to a bigger, paying audience
  • Cutting-edge sales tools
  • Ability to run marketing experiments
  • Access to tons of data on your potential clients
  • Honest feedback from your customers 24/7
  • Increased customer engagement with the product/service
  • Seamless brand experience (web, mobile, offline)

Cross Platform Web App & Mobile Application Design for iOS and Android

Our studio helps Canadian businesses to realize their custom app development ideas and create great mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Why choose app developers from Zwebra?

  1. 8+ years of experience in mobile app development 
  2. app development for two major platforms – iOS and Android 
  3. always the best value for your money 
  4. flexible pricing and packages 
  5. top quality guaranteed

Application design & development are not the only things we do – we can also help you promote and market your app right.

Web & Mobile Application Development Services in Toronto, Ontario

As Canada’s biggest metropolitan area and a major global city, Toronto is always busy. It’s not easy to break through with your mobile app in this tough environment – how do you do it? The easiest way is to create an app that is unique, looks great, provides solid technical performance, and, finally, worth its price. Not all mobile app studios in Toronto have the right combination of the aforementioned factors.

One studio that does, though, is Zwebra – a mobile app design agency in Toronto with more than 8 years of development experience. We make great apps that please both their users and business owners.

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