Real time monitoring system on Angular2

Sergey Labzov


Blackline Safety (Calgary, Alberta) is a major supplier of live-monitoring and wireless gas detection solutions to companies and enterprises worldwide. The company is an industry leader, well-recognized for their quality, innovation, and strong attitude towards safety. Among Blackline Safety products are G7 connected safety devices, G7 wireless gas detector and loner worker monitoring system, safety monitoring software, and more.

Technologies: Angular2, Material Design, SCSS, JSON

Tools: Atom, Jira, Hipchat, Git

Team: In order to oversee the development of The Blackline Live portal that the company was working on at the moment, our best developer was remotely integrated into the client’s dev team. During the period of 5 months, our specialist had helped Blackline techs to finalize several key modules and maximize their performance.

Project Description:

One of the most challenging projects we’ve worked on so far, the Blackline Live portal is at the core of all Blackline Safety monitoring solutions. It provides Blackline’s clients with leading alert management tools, compliance dashboard, and comprehensive configuration management of fielded devices.

The portal itself is a highly sophisticated monitoring system that receives signals from multiple wearable devices carried by workers. The ultimate goal is to be aware of the location of your employees and their safety status at any given moment thus preventing accidents or, in case an accident does happen, swiftly responding to it. The safety status of every team member is constantly sent to the system and displayed on real-time maps, which show the location and alert status of all fielded devices.  Clients can easily view the type and status of every alert in real-time, or review the unique alert history of a particular device. Armed with critical insights from Blackline Live, monitoring personnel are always prepared to spring into action.

Functionality features:

  • monitoring active devices on the map in real-time
  • providing insights into emergency alerts
  • assessment of the safety status of every team member
  • automatic incident detection
  • logging user actions


Contact person for references: Charlie Tuckey, Director of Software Development & Systems Operations department at Blackline Safety Corp.

+1 (403) 714 0094

You can also find the client's review of our work here.

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