Zwebra 2020: Our Achievements, Projects, Dreams and Goals

Liliya Smirnova / 01.07.2021793

The year 2020 left us shocked and unpleasantly surprised, to say the least. The pandemic and the ensuing remote work mode were among the biggest challenges our offices in Canada and Ukraine had to face - and we managed to come out on top!

Of all the things that can be said about 2020, “boring” is certainly not one of them. Everything went upside down and round in circles putting us through a rough period of turbulence but also giving us a chance to rethink our old methods.

Having said goodbye to the stable, daily office routine, we learned how to work remotely and run projects fully online. One thing we couldn’t do is allow ourselves to compromise the quality of our work, which would’ve meant we let our clients down - and we never do that.

Throughout 2020, we took on even more ambitious projects than before, explored new directions, and kept learning more about our craft by completing various online courses.

It’s been hard but it was 100% worth it - goodbye, 2020, and thanks for all the challenges!

2020 in the Life of Our Ukrainian Office

Right at the very beginning of 2020, we were anxiously following the news from China hoping that they would be able to contain the spread of the disease.

When that did not happen, we were starting to get worried about the virus reaching Europe and sweeping Italy. The next thing we know - the lockdown had finally caught up and we had to go remote.

It was a surreal experience at first as we had to improvise and learn on the go. It’s easy solving day-to-day tasks while you’re physically present in the office where all the infrastructure and equipment are conveniently set up. Oh, and the coffee breaks we used to love so much.

When all that was gone, physical meetings were replaced by Zoom conferences, face-to-face communication was replaced by chats, coffee breaks… well, that one simply could not be replaced =).

Our team

Talented, forward-thinking, and supportive - as always! You, guys, did a great job handling 2020: you generated tons of ideas, faced challenges like pros, and helping our clients to achieve their goals.

We would also like to welcome new people to our team - please meet Darya Sereda, our new SMM specialist who joined us last spring.

At the same time, we are sad to part ways with our wonderful project-manager Vitalina Chernyavskaya. Her contribution to the overall success of our recent project could not be underestimated as well as her exceptional management skills, which will surely be missed at Zwebra. We wish the best of luck to Vitalina - may your career path take you straight to the top!

To pick up where Vitalina left off, we have a super-talented marketer Ekaterina Losina. We are very excited about working together!

Our SMM, SEO, and web projects

One of the biggest projects our Ukrainian office took on last year was a complete redesign of the official website of Korolisky Smak, a large Ukrainian food manufacturer. The website is currently in pre-production as we are getting ready for its rollout.

Another major project for us was a rebranded website of Autotrans, which is one of the biggest gas station chains in Ukraine.

Both websites feature modern design bearing instantly recognizable corporate branding elements of these companies while being easy to navigate and use for visitors.

In addition to creating new websites or rebranding the existing ones, we also actively helped our clients to run efficient marketing campaigns, achieve higher ranking positions through quality SEO, establish a solid following on social media through top-notch SMM, and increase engagement through inventive copywriting.

Here are some of our notable results:

  • Improved the search rankings of our client’s website (Kremenchuk plant of road machines) taking it to the top-10 for most keyword positions
  • Increased daily traffic to the website of a popular Ukrainian children clothing brand DEMI
  • Improved the search rankings for a large textile manufacturer Victoriya Style

All of our clients enjoyed a healthy, long-term increase in traffic and user engagement leading to increase sales as well, which - in times of crisis - is certainly not a bad thing.

What about SMM? We were actively developing this area of our work in 2020 focusing on achieving practical results for our clients. There was no shortage of challenges here - reaching out to the target audience with the right message, increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Here are just some of the companies we achieved great results for in 2020:

  • DEMI - a children clothing brand
  • Wanted Vegan - quality products for vegans
  • Globino - a major Ukrainian meat processing company
  • ArtLife - an online store selling food supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, and healthy food. We tried a new visual approach and utilized the latest SMM trends to achieve solid results with this client
  • Victoriya Style - textile clothing brand
  • Roksolana Hotel - a large Ukrainian hotel & recreation center, which we managed to successfully promote despite the lack of tourism
  • HappyGaGa - a popular clothing brand from Ukraine
  • Turne_M - a major Ukrainian travel agency
  • Dr. Berdnyk - a cosmetologist from Kiyv who specializes in revitalizing
  • Finally, at the tail end of 2020, we completed a project that is somewhat symbolical for the past year - a major SMM project for a delivery company Smile.

Our training and other achievements

In 2020, Zwebra Agency signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Computer Academy STEP in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. Our team members were invited to give lessons on Digital Marketing: Ekaterina Losina was teaching students the importance of Digital Marketing and how to develop proper marketing strategies while Sergey Tarapatskiy gave a course of lectures on ad targeting and analytics.

When we don’t teach, we also like to study as learning new skills is key to remaining competitive in the modern world.

In 2020, our team members (Evgeniya Nesterenko, Veronika Mostovaya, Darya Sereda, Ekaterina Losina and Aida Davlyatshina) took quite a few courses, including:

  1. Promoting websites in high-competitive North American niches
  2. Advanced SMM from WebPromoExperts Academy of Digital Marketing
  3. Designing and developing a winning SMM strategy from WishDo agency
  4. “Brand Dad” course from Andrey Fedoriv

Good teamwork and plenty of useful knowledge were the key factors that helped us to navigate safely through 2020 and set our sails straight for 2021! As a nice bonus and (hopefully!) compliment for our good work, we received more than 20 positive reviews on Google from the clients that we worked with last year - thanks a lot, we really appreciate it!

2020 in the Life of Our Canadian Office: Promising Results and New Goals

Last year, our Canadian office continued to grow quite impressively breaking our productivity records for the second year in a row.

Our team

We’ve also got new members here! Viktor Mikheev, marketer extraordinaire, joined our North American team in 2020 to help us provide even more quality digital marketing services to our clients.

Our new skills

Guys from our Canadian office acquired new skills in web accessibility and developing websites conforming to WCAG 2.0 AA requirements.

Now we are actively implementing these skills having completed two major projects in this area:

  • Trading Central - analytics & research agency for leading online brokers
  • LawPro - professional insurance services for Ontarian and Canadian law firms

Our new promising projects

First and foremost, it’s our brand-new corporate website that we have recently launched - and it’s looking good!

Secondly, it’s our projects - in 2020, we helped a lot of Canadian businesses to increase their online presence, grow sales, and run more efficient marketing.

Here are just some of them:

  • Website optimization for one of the world’s biggest beer equipment manufacturers - UBC Group (and its Canadian branch).
  • Redesigned website + advanced SEO services for Vinyl Light Windows and Doors company.
  • Amazing results that we achieved with Beverage Craft, an online store for draft beer equipment. In less than a year, we quadrupled the monthly traffic numbers and increased monthly sales by more than 200%.
  • A successful web application launch for CoLAB En Direct, an online workout/exercising service for dance teams from all over Canada. This was done in close cooperation with Atlantic Ballet of Canada, Canadian Dance Assembly, and Canada Council.
  • The Leaders’ List web app development. The service designed to measure leadership skills among leaders. Special thanks goes out to Rich Huisman without whom this project would not have been possible.
  • Extensive UI testing and homepage redesign for Liftoff Capital, a platform for investors and startup owners. We also launched a successful marketing campaign that helped Liftoff Capital to get 500 activated subscriptions in less than 8 months. As a result, the portal helped startup owners to raise more than $4.9 million worth of investments.
    We would also like to give a shout-out to our clients Jake Swan and Peter Oxley who de-facto became our brand ambassadors and remained our great friends! Congratulations on your success, guys - the best is yet to come!
  • A major studio project launch for ChiroMarketing TO, a lead generation service for chiropractors in Toronto and the GTA. This was done in collaboration with our friends from a PPC and digital marketing agency Optimozg.
  • Website development for I AM SMART S-COOL, a private school for children with exceptionalities.
  • Collaborative work on various projects for clients like the University of Waterloo, Calgary Shooting Centre online store, and Air Canada.

Finally, we are currently working on two major online store projects which are soon to be released. We’re actually quite busy now and can start working on your project no sooner than late February - early March.

This year is looking productive so far - let’s hope it stays that way. Stay tuned for more updates!

It’s Not All About Work

As much as we like to work, we also like to have fun - and lying on the couch is not exactly our idea of fun.

Last year, our Ukrainian team travelled a lot across our homeland - we’ve been to the Carpathian Mountains, visited a bunch of rock concerts (before the lockdown), read a lot of interesting books, and also took a wonderful trip to the Caribbean island of Dominicana where we had our fair share of rum (yo-ho-ho)!

The guys from our Canadian office were also out there having as much fun as they were allowed under the lockdown restrictions. They discovered the beautiful wild nature of North Bay and its surroundings, visited Pelee Island, and took a lot of other trips.

Despite all the hardships and challenges that 2020 brought us, we managed to remain calm, positive, and optimistic.

Our Plans for the Future

So what’s next? We’ve got a lot of plans for 2021 (some of which we have already shared here while others have to remain secret) and sincerely hope that this year is going to be more positive and memorable for all the good reasons!

Huge thanks to all of our clients, partners, and friends - keep up the good work, and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way in 2021!

Yours truly,
Zwebra team


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