How to Create Great Web Content for Your Website in 2018

Liliya Smirnova / 12.18.20161084

Content is still the king, and traffic is still the queen. All you have to do is marry them.

Say «bye» to the good-ole keyword-heavy copy riddled with nonsense words to suit SEO needs. And it’s a good new for web content management, really.

Moving past these SEO-optimized texts, we are entering the new era – the era of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) copywriting, where texts make ultimate sense and are readable for humans. You know, the texts that can actually bring some value to visitors and help your traffic grow!

Here’s what we’re going to talk about today. I feel like your content strategy is about to undergo some major changes!

A Bit of History

In case you haven’t noticed, search engines have gotten smarter recently – to the point where they can actually distinguish between a text filled with numerously repeated keywords simply for the sake of SEO and a text, which makes sense.

Google guys launched an algorithm that allows identifies and de-ranks the low-quality content in favor of correctly written and well-crafted web pages.

This is a trend that had already started in 2016 and will definitely continue into 2017 so you want to make sure you start riding the LSI content wave early.

Google, Bing, and other search engines are now much more uptight about the quality of content. They check for not only uniqueness and main keywords but also for what’s around them. The whole text has to be well written and explain the main subject.

How do you know if your text is deemed worthy by search engines? By the user engagement factor – if a person stays on your page for less than 30 seconds, consider this a fail.

To sum it up, the main thought of this passage is to write copy that makes sense and brings value to readers, not search engines.

7 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Writing a Copy

You will most likely lose your high rank on search engine results page if you keep stuffing keywords in your copy. It won’t work anymore. Forget about keyword analysis and audit - common sense prevails.

Here are more things that you definitely shouldn’t do in the process of content creation:

  • Copy/paste, steal or rewrite content from other sources
  • Create huge chunks of texts containing more than 20,000 characters each
  • Overfill your copy with keywords
  • Putting too many words in bold or italics
  • Write too many fluffy words – words that don’t add value, words that repeat the same thought over and over again, words that are there just for the sake of text volume, words that you don’t really need to read and usually skip – just like this passage ;)
  • Make too many grammar and stylistic mistakes
  • Write text that doesn’t bring any value to readers

How to Write a Great Copy

First of all, find yourself a qualified writer, a real specialist. Just being a copywriter doesn’t mean you’re good. Believe it or not, copywriters can suck at what they, like people of any other profession.

How to avoid it? One possible solution is to explain the main idea of the future copy to the copywriter. He or she need to know WHAT TARGETS should the text hit. Is it a product description? Is it a manual? Is it a how-to blog article? Is it a fictional story? You’re there to explain what your goals are with the copy. You are the editor.
Copywriting is never about writing for yourself – it’s writing for people.

Here are some more great tips and best practices most copywriters might benefit from - consider it a checklist:

  • Watch your content length - optimal text volume is 2,000 to 4,000 characters (minimum is 1,500 characters for a site section and 500 to 700 for a product description)
  • Minimal text uniqueness should be 92%
  • Keywords density should not exceed 3-4% (you may use this nifty tool called Textus Pro to check for density)
  • Use synonyms of main keywords
  • The text should be straightforwardly written, has a strong value and expert opinion on the subject - always perform validation before posting any copy
  • Keep it simple. Using long fancy words only academics know is a no-good technique
  • Pay attention to the text structure – make sure you create enough paragraphs (and keep them short); add headers and sub-headers for better readability; create bullet lists and tables. All this makes your text easier read and understand
  • Avoid misstaikes and tipos:) Be sure to check your copy thoroughly for all possible grammar, syntax and stylistic mistakes before publishing
  • Use images, infographics, videos, and other types of multimedia content – they can greatly increase user engagement

How Much Is a Well Written Copy?

Don’t be surprised to cough up a considerable amount of money for a good piece of copy.

Provided your job isn’t done by a freelance Pakistani student, the price can range from $60 to $200 per 1,000 characters depending on the difficulty and the subject.
Great LSI copywriting yields great results. There’s no magic involved – it just works.

Zwebra web studio does LSI copywriting only as a part of the web development or marketing services you order from us in Canada or USA.

If you still have doubts about way of making it on the Internet with your business, do contact us for a professional consult and friendly advice.

Write your comments or questions below – let’s talk about it!

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