4 Keys to Effective Online Promotion of a Dental Clinic Website

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Dental services are a great example of a static business where clients can keep visiting the same dentist for many years (as long as they are satisfied with the services provided). This fact makes acquiring clients difficult for new clinics who are about to enter the market. How do you entice people from their current clinic of choice? One of the possible ways to do it would be online promotion.

Even for such a conservative market as dental services, there are some tricks to win the clients over and get your brand some serious recognition.

Here are 4 keys to effective promotion of a dental clinic website.

Creating a Website For a Dental Clinic

The first and the most important thing you should do is create that website. Not any website will do - it has to be a quality website with modern look and functionality.

Some dentists may think that websites aren’t working anymore and there’s no point in creating one. Others may think that their existing client base should suffice and there’s no need to bother updating their current (outdated) website.

As you may have already guessed, both statements are wrong. Based on the experience we’ve had developing several websites for different dental clinics, the clients don’t really understand WHY they need a website in the first place and how to use it as an effective promotion tool.

When our agency had developed a website for one of the local dental clinics (which actually was paid for by the owner’s friends as a birthday gift), the first reaction of the client was moderately skeptical, to say the least. However, when that website started to get high ranking positions in Google search and generate a steady flow of paying clients, that’s when the full realization came. The client was eager to continue promoting his website, for which he ordered additional SMM, SEO and contextual advertising services from us. Needless to say, he never regretted a single penny spent on that website and its promotion.

Now that you’ve fully realized the importance of a quality website for a dental clinic, it’s about time we actually listed the requirements.

Here’s what your ideal website should be:

  • Eye-catching and intuitive in its design
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly
  • Clean code built on top of a solid architecture (let’s not forget about a reliable CMS)
  • Hosted on a reliable hosting with a secure https protocol
  • Fast-loading (to avoid situations where users would have to wait for your pages to load)

In addition to the final point, fast-loading websites tend to get more love from Google and, therefore, are usually ranked higher than their slow counterparts.

Finally, your website should be directed towards your target audience. To achieve that, you need to have your audience and market niche researched well, which ought to give you ideas on how to present and structure the information on your website. Also, you shouldn’t forget about various special offers and promotions your potential clients might be interested in.

For better structuring, we suggest you the following way of presenting the information on your website:

  • Description of your services (with a separate page dedicated to each type of service)
  • About us (a page describing the benefits of your clinic and its personnel, such as the qualification of the doctors, photos, certificates, equipment, etc.)
  • Client feedback with testimonials (in either text or video form)
  • Price-list that’s easy to read and understand (additionally, you may consider creating a special section for promotions and discounts)
  • A news or a blog section with interesting, up-to-date information related to your industry
  • FAQ section where users can get some quick answers to the most frequently asked questions without having to contact you
  • Picture gallery with “before and after” photos to show your capabilities via the power of transformation
  • “Contact us” or “Schedule an appointment” form

Finally, a nice touch would be adding social media buttons linking to your accounts plus adding a “Call me back” button.

Needless to say, creating a website of that magnitude is not a task for a lone developer - it must be handled by a professional web design studio.

If you would like to learn more about the differences between working with a freelancer and working with a professional web studio, be sure to check out this article.

Running an SEO Campaign for a Dental Clinic

Getting yourself a modern website packed with awesome features is just the first step. The second step would be increasing your website ranking in Google search aka SEO. Running an SEO campaign for a dental clinic is quite a challenging task requiring a trained professional who would ensure your website’s high rankings in Google search for the relevant keywords.

To achieve that, you would have to come up with a list of activities such as:

  • Niche analysis and competitor analysis
  • Creating the semantic core for the website considering the popularity of dental-related keywords
  • Filling up your website with quality content
  • Optimization of your landing pages and the backend part of the website

In addition to that, the SEO specialist should be constantly monitoring your website rankings on Google and make the necessary tweaks if needed.

Running an SMM Campaign for a Dental Clinic

There’s one more great trick to get your online promotion going and spread the word out about your clinic - it’s social media marketing or SMM.

Think about this: if there’s one type of doctor people don’t really like, it has to be the dentist. How do you counter this? By running an SMM campaign that will demystify the work of a dentist and help dispel all the (falsely) negative perception of dentistry. Being open with your client earns immediate loyalty and loyalty is not something you can buy.

The main goals of SMM are:

  1. Increasing brand popularity and recognition
  2. Spreading the word out about your services and getting people interested in them
  3. Keeping in touch with your clients - both potential and existing ones

To achieve that, you will need to:

  • Create your social media accounts and fill in the proper information about yourself and your business
  • Add quality content such as photos of the clinic, “before and after” pictures, business hours, and other information your clients may need
  • Run niche analysis and competitor analysis, single out your strengths, come up with an SMM strategy and content plan
  • Start posting on a regular basis: posts can be thematical, entertaining, promotional and so on. Keep them varied enough not to bore your subscribers/followers
  • Follow the latest SMM trends and incorporate them into your strategy

Running PPC Campaigns for a Dental Clinic

If you’re planning on running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for a dental clinic, you should realize its full potential. PPC is a kind of online advertising where you tailor your ads to match certain types of search queries for your target audience to see them.

You can also utilize remarketing, which is even more far-reaching. It works like this: if a person has searched for a dental clinic on the Internet a few times, he or she will soon start seeing the relevant ads elsewhere on the Internet, not only in Google search.

SEO can take some time to take effect. PPC, on the other hand, can deliver results instantly and you may get first calls and leads within mere days (sometimes hours) after the campaign launch. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the budget. Choosing the keywords and setting up the ads may take quite some time but when it’s done right, PPC comes into full effect.

As you can see, the arsenal of digital marketing tools is wide enough for you to choose from. Proper online promotion can give your business a serious boost it needs to succeed.

If you want your dental clinic online promotion to be handled by professionals who can deliver results, it’s best to order that promotion from a web marketing studio. This will ensure the careful approach and help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your business.

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