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and live right next to you, in Fredericton.

Inspired by the subtle beauty of New Brunswick nature, we create equally great-looking websites that meet the highest industry standards and go beyond the boldest expectations of our clients. It’s not hard making a website these days but making a website that will stand out and define your business like no other is a tough one – that’s what drives our passion.

Website Is a Must for an Online Business

  • It represents your brand and makes it recognizable
  • It gets you new clients and customers
  • It provides relevant content and information
  • t’s a perfect medium between you and your visitors

What should your own website look and feel like?

  • It should have catch eye design with WOW-effect
  • It should be mobile-friendly
  • It should mean business and call to action
  • It should have optimal structure, straightforward navigation and features
  • It should run fast and smoothly
  • It should have optimized code and be SEO-friendly

Basically, this is exactly what you get when you order your website design in Fredericton with us, Zwebra.

Why web designers from Zwebra?

We could go on talking about ourselves for hours but here’s what makes us, Zwebra team, truly special at what we do:

  • All work is done in-house by our specialists
  • Rigorous testing before every release
  • The ideal combination of prices, terms, and quality of web development
  • We maintain and support projects long after we deliver them to the client
  • All of our previous clients are pleased with the results they got from us
  • Enormous experience allows us to come up with the right ideas for your business
  • Young and ambitious team
  • Every project we’ve done was and still is successful

What You Should Know About Zwebra

Zwebra web development studio has been around since 2009. Having started as a small, local business, we grew up to be a major international IT company  (view our clients on the map).

Our offices in Canada and Ukraine employ over 70 specialists with experience in all fields of IT: UI/UX design, coding, front-end and back-end development, testing, SEO and SMM, online marketing, branding, mobile app and software development.

We’ve gone this far because we’re all about quality and perfection. Your goals are our goals – therefore, if you succeed, we succeed too.

If you want to hear from our clients,  check out their reviews

Our Specialization (What We Do Best)

  • Website development for businesses of all kinds – from small startups to major international companies
  • E-commerce development – to increase your sales and put you above your competitors
  • Web portals development, including social media and web apps
  • Top-class mobile app development
  • Custom software development – you name it, we do it

Here are some of the technologies we use daily – these names should ring a bell: CMS WordPress, ModX, OpenCart, Magento, custom website development on PHP and Laravel 5, CodeIgniter, and Angular 2 frameworks.

View the  full list of our services

Website Development in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Fredericton is a beautiful city located in Canada. It’s the capital of the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Fredericton is home to offices and headquarters of various companies.

Fredericton is one of the most cost-competitive places to do business on the Eastern Seaboard. Entrepreneurs are driving Fredericton’s economy with 1 business for every 14 people (KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives Study). Major sectors include the knowledge industry, life sciences, engineering, aerospace and defense, and light manufacturing.

No business today can do without a website, that’s why you should definitely consider ordering web development services in Fredericton.

Zwebra team specialists are right here to help you – they can create a modern website in right here in, Fredericton, and drive your business to great sales and success.

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