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Business with websites make money – can’t argue with that fact. Businesses with solid-built, great-looking and responsive websites make even more money. However, the 29% of small businesses in North America that haven’t made themselves a website yet shows that not everybody is so sure about the idea of a website itself.

Whether your business needs a website or not, is solely up to you as the owner. But if it does, you are going to need more than “just a website” if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

Customers of 2010s like their websites nicely designed, fast-running, and mobile-friendly. This is exactly what we specialize in at Zwebra Web Studio Inc.

Why Your Business Needs a Website

  • Brand-new marketing channel
  • Website is a perfect vehicle for your brand
  • Cheaper and more targeted marketing
  • Major competitive advantage over your business rivals
  • Your products are sold online, worldwide, and 24/7 
  • Legitimacy (in the eyes of potential customers and/or partners) 
  • Direct channel of communication with your clients

7 Features of a Great Website

  1. Visually rich graphic design, yet minimalistic in detail
  2. High-quality, genuine photos and images
  3. Responsive design
  4. Straightforward and enjoyable UX
  5. Original, engaging content
  6. Sleek, yet intuitive UI
  7. SEO-ready code

This is what you get when you order your website design in Kitchener Waterloo with Zwebra

Why web designers from Zwebra?

The spirit of adventure and passion mostly akin to start-ups still lives in us and drives us.

  • Almost a decade of successful web development and marketing
  • Web solutions that are smart and cost-effective 
  • Professionally trained team of 20+ full-time developers
  • We never missed a deadline
  • Maintenance and support services after the project delivery
  • QA-driven development to ensure the top quality
  • Total dedication and commitment to your project

About Us

Zwebra Web Studio Inc. was launched in 2009 as a small web development unit consisting of only four people.

We’ve grown to become a major development studio and now have two regional offices employing over 30 specialists with experience in UI/UX design, coding, front-end and back-end development, testing, SEO and SMM, online marketing, branding, mobile app and software development.

Our digital agency has been fortunate to work with clients from all over the world – view our clients on the map or read their testimonials.

What We Specialize In

  • Website development for small and big businesses
  • E-commerce development
  • Web portals development (social media and web apps included) 
  • Mobile app development 
  • Custom software development


The technologies and tools that we use are too numerous to go into but these are the main ones: CMS WordPress, ModX, OpenCart, Magento, custom website development on PHP and Laravel 5, CodeIgniter, and Angular2 (4, 5) frameworks.

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Website Development Company in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario

Zwebra is your web development studio in Kitchener Waterloo. We know exactly what local business need in order to start getting clients online the very same day they launch their website.

We would honor the opportunity to work on your project and offer the best web development services in Kitchener Waterloo we’ve got.

Together we can build a strong foundation for your online business!

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