Our Principles


Every element of design has to serve its purpose – otherwise, it’s irrelevant. We avoid excessive visuals in favor of refined conciseness.


A stylish logo will remain such even in 10, 50, or 100 years.


Not more than 3 seconds can a man spend to figure out what the idea behind your logo is.


A great logo fits perfectly into any ad medium – whether it’s a business card or a huge outdoor billboard.


Your logo has to strike a chord with your target audience and resonate with them

Logo Design Services Toronto

Our Process

Researching your market niche

This allows us to understand the environment that your future logo will exist in.

At this stage, we mainly look for tendencies and come up with the ideas that will help your logo stand out.

Getting to know each other better

Close cooperation is what we call it – that is, between you, our client, and our team.

We’d love to know as much as possible about how you envision the logo and, in turn, share the knowledge that we have acquired through all these years of work. As a result, we’re on the same page.

Drafts and presentation

The actual number of drafts can vary from case to case depending on how complete the initial concept is. As a rule, we prepare a few colored drafts for the client to settle on the one that grasps the original idea better.

This selected draft later goes on to become the final version.

From a draft to the final version

Sometimes it’s just a few tweaks, sometimes it’s numerous revisions. In any case, we agree with the client on the number of revisions right at the beginning so that everyone knows what to expect.

At this stage, we finalize the logo and do the website versions of it.

Corporate style design

We’re not only about logos. If you want a great corporate design for your business cards, letterheads, brochures, or certificates, we’re there help.

Our additional services also include the design of menus, boards, t-shirt, and other merchandise you might have.

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