Learn How to Successfully Promote Your Brand on Pinterest With Minimum Hassle

Marina Korobova / 02.21.20171318

Some of us like to view pics of other people (preferably, famous and not wearing too many clothes). Others like to view pics of animals or nature in general. There are people who are fond of browsing through pictures of cars, food, stars, guns, etc.

Now, there are these people who can spend hours looking at uniquely similar pictures of babies or cute puppies. Finally, few narcissistic individuals (some of which might be your friends) wouldn’t want to view anything except their own selfies.

What do all these people have in common? They’re all wasting their time on the Internet when they should’ve been working. They all know what Pinterest is. Now you do too.

Pinterest is a free web service that allows users to post, share, like, comment, and bookmark (pin) photos. It’s a mixture of a social network and a photo hosting/sharing website.

Naturally, it is flooded with pictures of semi-naked men/women and kittens but there’s more to Pinterest than that. It’s an ideal platform to show your product to the rest of the world – one that you should definitely use for promotion.

According to a popular web and technology resource Mashable, the creators of Pinterest had expected the service to reach the 50 million-user mark by 2016. However, it all had turned out even better for them, and the actual number of active users was more than two times bigger – 110 million people. By March 2017, that number will have reached 200 million.

What do these numbers tell us? That Pinterest is nothing less than a huge audience ready to view great pictures and get interested in new products. An excellent point of entry, so to say.

On behalf of the rest of the team, I am here to present you the 15 great ways to promote your business on Pinterest.

  • Post quality images that people will notice

Is your product or service worthwhile? Well, it better be! There’s gotta be some nice pictures you’ve made related to your brand and/or products. Take this chance to create a digital showcase for your brand, fill it in with original and eye-catching photos - this will break the ice between you and your customer.

Tip: use vertically made photos as they are native to Pinterest.

Another tip: let’s say you’re looking for bracelets - before starting to brainstorm on your own ideas, get inspired by what others do (Pandora, for example). In other words, make a picture that your potential customer «would want to lick» (true words said by the late and great Steve Jobs during the discussion of the icons design for Mac).

  • Post reviews of your customers

Create a separate «board» (an album, basically) where you can publish feedback from your customers. Ideally, positive feedback and reviews cause no one wants to see how fail to deliver, right?

  • Make announcements

Are you up to something big? New product launching soon? Huge sales ahead? Announce it on Pinterest to get attention from the world.

  • Share advice on what you know best

Make something valuable for people once in a while, will ya? It’s not always about selling stuff - try to be helpful with common tips, how-to’s, and infographics.

  • Employ storytelling as a tactic

Good pictures won’t sell your product by themselves. Why not create a short story using a few photos - like comics, you know? Who wants to read endless lines of text when there are pictures?

  • Create buttons on your product page

This way users will be able to add your product to their collection of pictures and maybe get back to it.

  • Don’t forget about text

Pinterest is mostly pictures but not completely. How do we search on Pinterest? By keywords and phrases. Add some relevant text to your images to help potential customers find you.

Hey, and don’t you underestimate the power of hashtags - use both common, popular hashtags and custom ones created by you.

  • Think strategically

Decide how many boards you will need and what you will post on them. Also, create a separate headline for each board and organise it neatly.

  • Make sure your profile is visible to everyone

In case you didn’t know, there’s an option on Pinterest that hides your profile from the search engines. You should definitely disable this option.

  • State the price

According to Shopify, pins with the price get more likes than those who don’t have the price on them. There’s nothing wrong in being open with your customers and followers.

  • Post various «backstage» and «behind the scenes» photos

People like genuine emotions. Plus, it’s always nice to see how something is done from the inside. Make a few pictures of your working process to give a better insight into your brand.

  • Pick the right time for posting

According to the research by Digitas and Curalate, fashion-related pins should be posted at around 3 p.m. on Friday, while gadget-related pins fare better if you post them by 10 o’clock in the evening.

  • Add links to your other social networks

Integrate your Pinterest account with your other social accounts like Facebook and Instagram to give people more chances to stay in touch with you.

  • Encourage people to follow you

Be proactive about new followers - there’s nothing wrong in asking people to follow you. You can also add the «Follow me on Pinterest» button on your website so that your visitors there will be aware of your activity on Pinterest.

  • Protect your photos

Everyone’s stealing from someone. To avoid people «borrowing» your original images, always put watermarks on them.

Oh, and did I mention «don’t steal photos from other people»? If the temptation is irresistible, contact the original author for a permission to use the photo. Who knows, maybe, you will establish a great business contact?


Pinterest is still fresh but it’s getting bigger exponentially. Not to use this great opportunity to promote your business and brand would be a great mistake. Don’t do it!

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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