SoundT Studio - music production studio

About the project

SoundT Studio is a new word in the music business. The company helps its clients to produce a truly great music composition that will be liked by millions.

Work process

We had a few tasks with this project:

  • to create a website that will tell about the company and its services
  • implement the ability to download the original tracks for further listening, purchase, and commercial use by the client
  • help the website get new clients and partners

At the time, the SoundT Studio had just started and the guys were looking for a way to put their name out there and get noticed on the Internet among. We had to organize the content and present it in a nice and clean way while also finding a way to allow visitors to stream the tracks and purchase them from the website.

To stimulate the sales of the original music tracks, we launched a contest on the website.

Functionality features

  • The ability to purchase albums and individual tracks on the website
  • Various payment methods
  • Multi-lingual website

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