TS Music Catalog - An online digital music store

About the project

TS Music Catalog is a online music store where everyone fins the music they love. You can purchase and download the tracks, create your own playlists for online listening. Another great feature is that musicians can upload and post their tracks on TS Music Catalog to be heard (and maybe even purchased) by thousands of users all around the world. The music upload is free.

Work process

Our main goal was to create an easy and intuitive solution for streaming music and promoting musicians. The hardest task was to come up with a simple and straightforward tool for registering and uploading the music onto the website while keeping it all in strict accordance with the legal regulations regarding the rights of authors, publishers, and website.

Once we’d figured it out, we implemented a new artist announcement in the rotating banner on the main page of the website and «New Releases» section - to promote the newly added albums.

The main page also features the top-listened singles and albums.

Functionality features

  • Online music streaming tool
  • Music uploading tool
  • The ability to purchase albums and individual tracks via shopping cart
  • Custom playlists
  • Music file checking system (when uploading) and download protection
  • The ability to create demo versions of the tracks
  • Financial operations and statistics module
  • Search suggestions and filters by genre
  • Credit cards accepted

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