It’s one thing to develop and launch a website. However, websites can’t endure on their own - they require constant input called website maintenance and technical support. And even if everything goes right, you will still want to run some experiments, add new features, updates and more.

Needless to say, it’s the type of work best done by a professional team - like Zwebra! Our responsibility and services extend far beyond the website development and launch processes.

Here’s what you get with us:

  • various technical problems fixed
  • your system fully set up
  • updates and new versions installed
  • performance boosts
  • content management and updates
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Website Maintenance Company in Saint John

Just like any website maintenance company in Saint John area, we offer standard, «what-you’d-expect» services like website performance monitoring that include: rectifying problems with hosting, protecting your website from various incoming threats, curing computer viruses, fixing broken and malfunctioning modules, creating and setting up email addresses for your domain

However, we do realize all the potential needs of our clients and extend our services well beyond that. As per the client’s wish, we also can:

  • implement the additional modules you may require
  • update your CMS version
  • create new pages and sub-pages
  • update the website in accordance with the latest Google and Bing search algorithms
  • creating new banners, buttons, icons, and fonts
  • searching (and finding!) great images for your product catalog, blog, or news articles
  • minor page design updates or major website redesign
  • copywriting
  • publishing articles, photos, and videos
  • running your corporate blog
  • updating your product catalog

And if that’s not enough for you, we’ve always got something extra - nothing drives us more than a challenging task.

So, if you’re done looking for a website maintenance company in Saint John, here’s your best choice - Zwebra. Please feel free to contact us for any further information - we’ll be there to respond.

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