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Liliya Smirnova / 12.20.20181103

The last 1.5 years have been quite eventful and busy for our agency:

  • we’ve opened additional offices in New Brunswick (one in Saint John and one in Moncton)
  • we had to (and did) learn the ways of running a web design studio in a foreign country
  • we got to meet the representatives of local businesses
  • finally, we’ve successfully completed a few major projects!

Through some proactive advertising on the local market of digital services, we’ve managed to get some attention from the press and the public. This comes as no surprise since it’s always been our ultimate goal - keep growing while overcoming whatever obstacles may come our way.

Thanks to our pre-existing experience of working with clients from all over the world, total commitment to the quality of our work, and focus on the client needs, we’ve managed to achieve high rankings among the top web dev studios of Atlantic Canada.

Our founder, Maksym Bezorudko, has been interviewed on multiple occasions by the local press - one of the recent examples is an article in “Opportunities New Brunswick [ONB]” blog, where Maksym talked about our studio branching out into the Canadian market.

Also, in the same article Maksym talks about immigration and how important it is for establishing young, up-and-coming IT companies in the region. There, you can learn about our experience with migrating and why we decided to open our first office in New Brunswick among other places.

Read the full article here.

Another newspaper, Telegraph-Journal, were interested in our success story enough to interview us twice! In the first interview, we talked about the doubts we had when contemplating the opening of an overseas office in Canada - and how we overcame them and finally moved here!

During our second meeting with the journalists, we shared some of our own experiences of doing business in Canada and talked about the first steps we made when we were just starting out here. Read the full article here.

Maksym Bezorudko was featured in an interview with another media outlet from Saint John called “Brick Park”

In this interview, you can find out why we chose New Brunswick for our office and how the local traditions perfectly align with the ones that our studio has. Also, we shared our views on the modern web design and how to build a successful web design studio.

Read more here.

Another major news website Huddle Today posted an article featuring our thoughts and ideas on running a business in NB, summing up our experiences for the past year.

In this article, you can read about the projects we’ve completed and get some advice on starting your own business (especially if you’re planning to immigrate to Canada).

Zwebra's portfolio: showcasing the projects we’ve completed

We’ve already mentioned some of the big names we have had the chance to work with - companies like Blackline Safety Corp., Atlantic CAA, MacDon Industries, and Liftoff Capital Group Inc.

However, this is definitely not the full list as we’ve helped many other businesses to grow and become more successful - view them here.

You can also learn more about the experience these people had with our studio by reading their feedback and reviews.

We hope this information showcases the professionalism and dedication of our team enough for you to make the right decision and choose a digital agency you can trust.

If your business is in dire need of a quality website or app that not only do their job but also please everyone with their aesthetics, Zwebra Web Studio is your best bet. With enormous experience and individual approach to every client, we are capable of bringing out the best in your business and drive it closer to success.


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