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For us, design is more than just a phrase – it’s a philosophy of a kind. The best and worst thing about it is that a great design is virtually unnoticeable. You take it for granted. You just embrace it as it’s been there forever like that. But when a graphic design goes wrong, that’s when people will immediately start to take notes and care, not in a positive way. Rest assured – you will get a lot of negativity your way.

We view UI/UX design as a means to:
- make your visitors/clients treasure every minute they spend on your website
- make your brand stand out by attaining a thing of its own, unique and original

How do we align these principles with your company’s core values, business goals, and creative vision?

Web designer services in Canada

We create adaptive, mobile-friendly design for all types of websites, including e-shops, social networks, web apps and portals.

Before commencing work on projects, we always do wireframes with mockups and create full layouts to marry the website designer’s original ideas with a clear user interface (UI) in order to achieve the unforgettable user experience (UX).

This way we help you achieve three main goals: the page looks eye-catching and solid, everything is in its place and within a click’s reach, the website has a SEO-friendly structure.

  • Technologies used: wireframes, prototyping in Invision, HTML5
  • Project duration: min. 10 working days
  • Project team: 2 people

App design in Canada

You won’t find a poorly designed app in our studio portfolio! We love creating beautiful, yet functional design for app and tablets, whether it’s iOS or Android.

We create prototypes, screen blueprints, and interface designs for both Apple (iPhone, iPad and iMac) and Google products, icons included.

Need us to follow official developer guidelines and requirements? We’re already doing that!

  • Technologies used: wireframes, prototyping
  • Project duration: min. 15 working days
  • Project team: 2 people

We also do front-end development

Whenever our developers are to implement the design presented in the final mockups, they take great in making sure all the elements (fonts, buttons, colors, animation) are there on the actual website, enhancing the original beauty and complementing it with a flawless execution.

No poor or invalid code is allowed because we know how critical it is for getting a higher ranking from Google.

We also pay a great deal of attention to how websites look and work on mobile devices. The share of mobile users keeps growing and now has reached 50% on average, which means that a half of your possible customers will judge your website (and company) based on their mobile experience.

If they find it comfortable to browse, you may expect lower bounce rate and higher conversion.

Alexander Shut, front-end developer

How we work on design projects

  • Start
  • Get to know each other, fill in the brief and define the project goals
  • draw up a statement of work and contract, sign them
  • create wireframes of main website pages
  • create mockups
  • turn them into the interactive mockups
  • develop mobile-friendly, adaptive website version
  • Done!

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