How to Make Your Instagram Account Make Money for Your Business

Yana Klimenko / 12.12.20171181

Can businesses earn money using Instagram and not just likes, comments, and shares? In short, yes! But you are going to need a lot more than pictures of cute kittens and tasty food to make that happen.

Business accounts on Instagram have been on the rise recently - a lot of companies have figured out how to utilize this social network to promote and sell their products/services.

This article will explain to you how to:

  1. make your way through all these hashtags;
  2. get more followers;
  3. create a business account that sells.

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

Every day our managers get similar requests from our clients - «guys, get me more likes». It might even seem that material wealth isn’t that relevant anymore - it’s not about your whose car is faster or whose house is bigger, it’s about who’s got more likes and followers.

Well, this is partly true, but the correlation is still there - fast cars and big houses are still getting more likes on Instagram than their slower and smaller counterparts :) When it comes to business accounts, the overall logic is pretty much the same - people would rather prefer an account with a bigger number of followers and likes.

But what if you have created your account just recently and haven’t had the chance to attract millions of fans? Let’s see what the options are. Numerous cases we have worked on allowed us to come up with a bulletproof Instagram promotion formula for business accounts. Of course, it needs to be adapted to fit a particular case but the general ideas are all there.


Instagram is all about beautiful, visually striking, and sometimes artistic images. This the main reason for cosmetics, clothes, fashion accessories, showrooms, restaurants, and other «visually» attractive services being popular on Instagram. If you are bold enough to present your brand in that style, you know you are on the right way.

For instance, take a recent case of ours - luxury furs brand Alina Sinyavskaya and their showroom. To increase the efficiency of the promotion, our designer came up with a unique style for the posts, which gave an immediate effect and boosted the number of followers on the client’s Instagram account.

What if your brand is not related to fashion, clothing, food, or cosmetics? No need to worry, you still can get the best of Instagram. Even if you sell auto parts or building materials, there is always a way to present your products/services on Instagram and wrap them up in an undeniably attractive visual «packaging».


Instagram is not just about images - no one can resist a well-written capture. If you feel like your brand might not look all that shiny in photos, you should utilize the power of copy.

Well-written texts will help your clients to learn more about your products/services and how they are made thus turning your Instagram account into something more than a glossy picture gallery.


One of the top-requested services featured on our Instagram promotion services package. Here, we actively build your following on Instagram.

Why do we need this «manual» promotion?

The main reason is that images by themselves don’t attract new followers - they can sure please the existing ones but will hardly make a random person want to follow your page. Plus, you always risk getting ripped off by Instagram scammers and bots who steal your photos/hashtags and post them under different accounts.

Our specialists are able not only to come up with the right hashtags but also to find you the right audience - the one that will be genuinely interested in your brand and willing to spring for a purchase.

In order to achieve these goals, we:

  1. create a buyer persona for your target audience;
  2. search for followers (manually) to ensure their quality;
  3. analyze your market niche and competitors.

Still, even this is not enough - that’s why there are a few more ways of increasing your following on Instagram.

How to Make Money Off Instagram

We use several tools that can boost your follower count and get you loads of likes. These tools are essentially multi-functional, which helps us, SMM specialists, to get the best of them and increase the conversion rates. 

Here are a few things we can achieve for your Instagram account:

  • Set up mass liking and mass following + automatic unfollowing and bot deletion after a certain period of time
  • Combine various target audience segmentation options: by geographic location, among the followers of your competitors, by certain hashtags, etc.
  • Put together an active audience and then run its geographic location and hashtag analysis
  • Find people who might be interested in your brand on other social networks and bring them along
  • Comment on the posts

The main idea behind such promotion is to increase the conversion rate. In other words, to understand how many target actions your Instagram account visitors perform.

In order to successfully promote a brand on Instagram, one has to use these tools since they ensure the shortest path to a huge following and tons of likes.
Needless to say, this job is best done by professionals who have a proper experience in SMM and know how to get the best of these tools for your Instagram account.

Utilizing these principles combined with a systemic approach and professional advice, you can easily turn your Instagram account into a powerful promotion vehicle for your brand and start making money.


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