Get Premium Web Design Now, Pay Later: Introducing Monthly Payments

Maksym Bezorudko / 01.30.20181855

Great news from for everyone who knows the true value of time in business!

We have recently started our partnership with a major finance solutions company CanLease. It means that now you can get a premium website, e-shop, web or mobile app, web portal from Zwebra Web Studio Inc. right here and now, without having to pay the whole sum upfront.

Your costs are going to be spread out across the term of 24 to 60 months, with predictable monthly payments.

Benefits of Web Development Services Financing

Financing is a common practice employed by most web design and development companies. How exactly do you benefit from it?

Here are the main advantages:

  1. you save money and win time
  2. you deal with predictable monthly expenses
  3. you get what you need and pay nothing upfront
  4. you get a competitive advantage over your business rivals
  5. you get tax savings that a traditional bank loan cannot provide
  6. you own your project right from the get-go and can sell it in the future

Why Zwebra and Not Some Web Building Service?

We work more, know more, and do more. The only thing we do less than anybody is charge our clients. That’s why our clients get MORE:

  • custom-designed project fully tailored to your needs;
  • smart, intuitive UI artfully designed and carefully planned out by our talented team;
  • memorable and enjoyable UX for your site visitors and customers;
  • your project can be scaled and upgraded with any functionality it may need in the future;
  • increased conversion rate with the help of our marketing team.

Such important marketing activities as page speed optimization, on-page SEO, and integration with Google or Facebook remarketing code are not available in web builders - we, on the other hand, handle them professionally and in full capacity.

We also handle complex projects (websites with custom functionality, web apps, web portals, or large e-shops) that can’t be built using any of the online website builders/platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify.

Financing Services - FAQ

In case you’ve never used financing services before, here are the basics you should know.

What is the Interest Rate?

None - 0%. Interest rates only apply when you borrow money. When you use financing services, the provider company is actually purchasing your product/service from the supplier and renting it back to you so you’re paying a rent, which is up to 100% tax deductible.

Will I Own the Final Product?

Yes, you will.

Can I Buy Out My Lease?

Yes, you are free to buy out your lease at any time for the remaining residual and payments due.

Will My Payments Increase at Any Time Over the Term of the Lease?

No. Your payments on the product/service are locked in for the full term of the lease and will not change.

Can You Show Me Some Typical Lease Quote?

Sure, here is an example calculation of a company getting equipment that’s worth $60,000 with various monthly payment options.

To learn more about the monthly payment option at Zwebra, contact us today - we will provide you with all the information you need to apply!

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