How to "Package" Your Business Right and Win Customers + Investors

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“It’s not all about the looks,” they say. Yeah, yeah… 

In fact, when we’re talking business, it is ALL about the looks, and here’s a concrete example for you. Let’s say you were to meet with a potential business partner and considering two candidates. One is well-dressed, good-looking, and knows how to present himself/herself. The other is a scruffy-looking, mumbling nerd. Which one would you choose? The answer is quite obvious.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how to “package” your business and achieve just the right looks to get noticed and be loved by your customers and investors.

What Does It Mean – to “Package” a Business?

Packaging a business means marketing it – ensuring that your products/services and promotional efforts send a clear signal about your brand to the target audience.

For the purposes of this article, we are going to use the word “packaging” metaphorically meaning that you can package yourself as a person, your brand, your office, your products/services, etc.

When done right, packaging can help you:

  1. Create and sustain the right impression about your company, its mission, and products
  2. Increase your brand awareness and distinguish yourself from the competition
  3. Get new clients and customers
  4. Grow sales and increase revenue

Why You Should “Package” Your Business

To understand this, let’s take a look at three basic stages of product/service promotion: “packaging” - marketing – sales.

Packaging is what helps us decide whether a product is worth our attention (and money) or not. Poor packaging is only going to hurt sales while a well-executed one is capable of turning a firm “No” into a great big “Yes.”

Packaging is essentially visual marketing – it’s how clients perceive a brand, what they think and feel whenever they come in contact with it. Packaging allows you to enhance your marketing message and make sure your product is seen exactly the way you want it to be.

It’s no secret that people tend to make impulse purchases. According to one of the neuromarketing theories, the more value customers see in your product, the more likely they’re going to buy it. In other words, the pleasure of owning/using a newly purchased item is going to be 100 times more than the fact that you’ve paid for it.

What Does Business Packaging Bring to the Table?

With proper packaging of your business, you could easily:

  • Ensure customers that your product is exactly what they’ve been looking for. This is achieved by channeling the information about your brand through the visual marketing.
  • Increase the customer loyalty – get your brand noticed and instantly recognizable by your fans and the general public.
  • Focus on the main idea/message that you want get across and thus help customers make their first purchase.

If your clients tended to largely disregard your product or simply distrust the brand, a proper marketing packaging will allow you to change that and overcome any negativity that might have been there before. Plus, proper packaging inevitably increases customer loyalty!

What Can Be Packaged?


Of course, everything starts with you. If your look says “I am a confident, ambitious, and hard-working person full of positive energy and ideas”, it’s going to show and get noticed.

The same logic applies to your colleagues and employees as well.


Your office isn’t just a place for computers, desks, and telephones. It is your second home and it should represent your brand philosophy.

Many well-known companies are well known (amongst other things, of course) for the way their offices look.


Given the fact that most businesses exist online now, this boils down to making sure your website and social media pages represent everything your brand stands for – that includes the logo as well.

Where to Start?

Take a long, critical look at your product/service – is there anything to package at all? Packaging is not going to do any good to your business unless there is a substance underneath the wrapping. If this is the case, you should do the cleanup – abandon all the non-profitable, time- and energy-consuming projects and ideas while concentrating on what really drives you and could potentially generate profits.

Take Apple, for instance – it was Steve Jobs’ decision to reduce the model lineup that elevated the company to the never-before-seen heights. He made it easy for the customers to choose among the company’s products.

After that comes a long and arduous process of creating your (new) online identity, which includes a website and social media accounts.

Why Do You Need a Website?

In case you’re still having doubts about creating a website for your business, here are a few arguments for your consideration:

  •  Website = traffic from all over the world. If you’ve been running your business offline and getting clients strictly from your local area, website is the way to connect with customers from all over the world, and that seriously increases your chances for success
  • Lead generation. A marketing tactic you will definitely want to employ if your goal is increasing customer, brand, or product loyalty.

Free marketing channels (such as email and various messengers) may also come in handy. Add social media accounts to the mix, and you will get increased brand awareness and more loyal followers.

This is the kind of packaging every business should have. However, if you’ve already got your website or landing page running, it doesn’t make you a winner yet.

Brand packaging is a complex approach that includes:

  1. Brand logo design + various print materials for the clients (business cards, gift card, flyers, etc.)
  2. Impeccably designed, stylish-looking website with responsive design and features unique to your brand
  3. Creative social media accounts with memorable and recognizable content
  4. Coming up with a unique selling proposition for your brand
  5. Quality copywriting

Zwebra Web Studio specialists are here to understand your business needs and ready to offer their brand packaging expertise and service – professional and affordable. We will be there to create a unique digital look for your brand and help to increase your brand awareness, product value, and customer loyalty.


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